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Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Linguistics

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Language Interpretation and Translation


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


English and Applied Linguistics

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Eden R. Flores

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Marianne Jennifer M. Gaerlan

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Jose Crisitna M. Pariña
Alen Mater Muñoz
Maria Alicia Bustos-Orosa
Alice Mae M. Arbon


This study is a discourse analysis of the metaphors of teaching as reflected in the narrative reports of the preservice teachers in Central Luzon State University. Content analysis of 503 narratives written from 2006 to 2014 generated 1,817 metaphorical linguistic expressions. Of these metaphorical linguistic expressions, 49 conceptual metaphors were drawn. Data revealed that for the target domain Cooperating Teacher, “CT is a picture” was the most prevailing conceptual metaphor, conceptualized under an emerging source domain Values and Attributes. “LP is a tool” was the most identified conceptual metaphor for the domain of Lesson Plan, conceived under the source domain Machine and Tools. Moreover, the mapping of the linguistic expressions for Demonstration Teaching revealed the underlying conceptual metaphor “DT is darkness” under the source domain Light and Darkness. The utilization of Movement and Direction as the source domain was revealed consequent to the production of the underlying conceptual metaphor “Teaching is a goal”. Using the Conceptual Metaphor Theory by Lakoff and Johnson (1980) and Kôvecses (2010) Source Domains for Conceptual Metaphors, this present study further determined how the metaphors in the NRs of preservice teachers represent their concepts of CT, LP, DT, and Teaching. Findings show that CT is conceptualized on the domains of Social Roles, Values and Attributes, Movement and Direction, Force, Light and Darkness, and Machine and Tools. LP is conceptualized on the llowing domains: Machine and Tool, Force, Movement and Direction, Building and Construction, and Cooking and Food. DT is conceptualized from the domains of Force, Light and Darkness, Movement and Direction, Human Body, and Health and Illness. While teaching is conceptualized primarily from Kôvecses’ (2010) source domains Movement and Direction, Force, Human Body, Money and Economic Transactions, the emergence of Social Role as a new source domain not covered by Kôvecses is noted. The discourse analysis on these conceptual metaphors asserts that metaphors generated from the narratives of preservice teachers are based on their cognitive and social experiences and framed on their beliefs and ideals regarding the profession. Moreover, teaching is believed to be a continuing process affecting cognitive and behavioral development and performing various social roles in adherence to the norms set by the society;; thus, the emergence of new source domains-­Social Role and Values and Attributes attests that Kôvecses’ list is not absolute and encompassing in the area of education. Lastly, the beliefs, values, and ideals of preservice teachers are manifested in the conceptual metaphors derived from the NRs.

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Discourse analysis, Narrative; Student teachers—Philippines; Teaching—Philippines

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