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Information Technology

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Arnulfo Azcarraga

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Joel Ilao

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Merlin Teodosia Suarez
Rafael A. Cabredo
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Zelinna Pablo


Information Technology (IT) procurement in government is a constant for all IT implementation for the continuous IT services to serve the mandate and strategies of a government institution. IT Procurement in government has always been inevitable because IT systems have been, and always will be a work in progress. This study aims to look into IT procurement in government with the use of the Principal-Agent theory as theoretical lens. The study has developed IT procurement technical models to help identify asymmetries in IT procurement from information, responsibility to accountability. This study has looked into Behaviour altering mechanisms, enforcement by deterrents, knowledge-based IT procurement for government, and Reference Class Forecasting to help control the opportunism and predatory behaviours caused by the asymmetries. The study has also suggested addendums for an audit of IT procurement. By examining government procurement documents and its technical specifications of multiple cases for the past 10 years, the study finds that the existing IT procurement processes in government have been satisfactory in handling the complexities of IT procurement. The study discovered multiple principles, influences and intentions on IT procurement. However, there have been entities that made procurement stakeholders distracted, confused and intimidated. The study concludes that there is a strong relationship between IT procurement and IT performance. IT procurement does create value in IT organization. It aligns technology with IT plans and its requirements. This study also concludes that IT procurement is the weak link for all IT processes and the creator of weak links for IT systems.

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Information technology—Philippines; Government purchasing—Philippines

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