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Doctor of Philosophy in Education Major in Educational Leadership and Management

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Higher Education Administration


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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Teresa Yasa

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Anne Marie Ramos

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Minie Rose Lapinid
Jocelyn Cruz
Ferdinand Pitagan
Maria Virlinda Tee


The Study “Towards Understanding of Dynamics of Industry-Academe Partnerships from the Perspectives of Educational and Industry Leaders and Managers: Case Studies of Selected Collages in Metro Manila” is an inquiry on the drivers, practices and role of leaders and managers in Industry-academe partnerships of four (4) Colleges in Metro Manila. Qualitative multiple case study was used as research methodology. Data collection was undertaken from various sources including archival data from documentation of practice, focused group discussions, interviews with leaders and managers, and observations of some incidents and practices in the 4 Colleges. Results of the study revealed that Industry-academe partnerships are driven by both internal and external influences that shape specific practices and defines the role of partners. Collages driven by Internal strategic goals tend to have a more person-centric perspective and Collages driven by external goals adopts a more industry-centric perspective. The practice of Industry-academe partnership also varies accordingly from on-premise practice towards a more off-site venue for practice. Leadership roles vary from the more internal management of partnership success and opportunities and the more external leadership in strategic industry growth participation. In conclusion, based on the findings of the study, the framework informs industry and academic leaders and managers of emerging models of partnerships that fulfil the mission of academe and the management of industry. This inquiry will serve as a springboard for further investigation considering the constantly changing socio-economic conditions that may lead to creating other models of industry-academe relationships.

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Academic-industrial collaboration—Philippines

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