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Doctor of Education Major in Religious Education and Values Education

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Religious Education


College of Liberal Arts


Theology and Religious Education

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Rito V. Baring

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Rebecca Cacho

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Fides A. del Castillo
Ricardo M. Puno
Isidro T. Marinay
Nestor Abog


The driving force behind every action is motivation. In this study, the researcher sought to determine what drives the teachers’ desire and commitment in their mission of teaching Religious Education in selected Catholic schools of Parañaque City. Specifically, it sought to determine the impact of religious formation services on the aspects of motivation of religious educators, how the teachers perceive the implementation of religious formation services in relation to the teachers’ personal, professional, and religious life and draw implications of the results toward a more responsive and fruitful participation among religious educators in the teaching ministry and in religious activities. Results derived were used as basis for the crafting of a proposed developmental formation program for religious educators based on the insights of the holistic development of the person. Using the quantitative-descriptive tool for analysis (QDA), the researcher analyzed how religious formation services help in forming the three holistic aspects of the person as elements behind the teachers’ passion for teaching Religious Education. Significant findings of the study revealed that the personal motivation and religious motivation of CLE teachers from selected schools of this study are very much strong and inherent although along professional motivation, school administrators need to pay attention to a comprehensive rewards and recognition system. The output of the study was a proposed developmental formation program for religious educators.

Key words: personal, professional and religious motivation, religious formations services, developmental formation program

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xiv, 276 leaves


Religious education—Study and teaching--Philippines--Paranaque City; Motivation in Christian education; Spiritual formation

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