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Doctor of Education Major in Religious Education and Values Education

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Catholic Studies | Religious Education


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Theology and Religious Education

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Fides A. del Castillo

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Rito V. Baring

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Rebecca G. Cacho
Auria U. Arabit, SdP
Nestor M. Abog, Jr.
Nestor L. Sibug


This study aims to describe the perspectives of selected Filipino Catholic youth in correspondence with the official Catholic Church teachings to develop a proposed contextualized catechesis on the saints. It is an effort to contextualize the teachings on the saints to young people using pangangatawan as an inculturated model of Christian discipleship.

This study utilized a descriptive survey research design with two hundred thirty- seven (237) respondents coming from two universities in the province of Pampanga. A

validated open-ended survey questionnaire served as research instrument to gather pertinent data on the perspectives of selected Filipino youth respondents on the saints. Responses from the open-ended survey were transcribed and processed using thematic cultural exegesis (de Mesa, 2016). As for the official teachings of the Church on the saints, themes were discussed by revisiting Church documents and writings of theologians and scholars on the saints. Common elements and nuances between the themes on the perspectives of selected Filipino youth respondents and official teachings of the Church on the saints were identified.

Findings revealed that the perspectives of selected Filipino youth respondents on the saints as devoted/dedicated to God (Itinataya at ibinubuhos ang sarili sa kalooban ng Diyos), help people in their needs (Tumutulong sa masidhing pangangailangan ng mga tao), provide inspiration to follow God’s will (Nagpapakita ng halimbawa ng pagtalima sa kalooban ng Diyos), models of righteous living (Isinasaloob at pinangangatawanan ang kagandahang-loob ng Diyos, faithful followers of Christ (Mga tapat na kinatawan ni Hesus) and witnesses of God’s graciousness/benevolence (Mga bakas ng kagandahang loob ng Diyos). Meanwhile, the official teachings of the Church also signified the roles of the saints as models, intercessors, and companions as well their identity as models of holiness and symbols of grace.

In terms of common elements, findings highlighted that both perspectives have correspondences with the role and unique characteristics of the saints as Jesus’ disciples. Findings indicated that nuances were observed between the perspectives of Filipino Catholic youth respondents and the current official teachings of the Catholic Church such as saints as miracle workers, adoration of the saints, using images of the saints as amulets and lucky charms, and having no idea about the saints. These nuances are expressions of Filipino cultural upbringing of faith rooted in the indigenous categories and interpreted as felt experiences through the lens of pandama as integrative sensing.

The findings especially the nuances on the two sources of perspectives served as bases to develop the contextualized catechesis on the saints for Filipino Catholic youth using pangangatawan as an inculturated model of Christian discipleship.

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Catechisms; Catholic youth--Philippines; Catholic church—Teachings; Christian life

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