Towards the development of a framework for understanding the deans' leadership behavior in the selected top performing electrical engineering colleges in the Philippines

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Doctor of Education Major in Educational Management


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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Yasa, Teresa P.

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Boromeo, Roberto T.

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Cruz, Jocelyn, Atty.
Mistades, Voltaire, Dr.
Agoncillo, Roland Nino, Dr.
Lapinid, Minie Rose, Dr.


The purpose of the study was to develop a framework of leadership behavior of Deans in top performing Electrical Engineering Colleges in the Philippines.
A qualitative research methodology was adopted to gain understanding of the Deans‟ leadership behavior. The research design was a multiple-case study where the data was collected through individual and focus group interviews, observations, and evaluations of their trainings, the mission-vision of the institution, and the curriculum of the Electrical Engineering Colleges in the Philippines.
The participants of this study were the Deans, department chairs, faculty members, and the presidents of the student councils of the different top performing Electrical Engineering Colleges in the Philippines. The transcriptions of the interviews and observations were made after each interviews and observations.
The results of the study revealed that Deans in top performing Electrical Engineering Colleges employ adaptive leadership behavior in influencing their subordinates. As adaptive leaders, they have the following characteristics: personal and professional competence, social awareness, mission-orientedness qualifications include: high educational attainment, long experience, strong competencies and skills spirituality and leadership styles as servant leaders they were found in their relationships as humanizing, work and output-oriented, ethical, democratic, supporting, delegating, consultative, directive, and collaborative in their approach to decision-making and problem-solving.

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