Breaking faith : a novel

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Doctor of Arts in Language and Literature Major in Literature


College of Liberal Arts



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Gonzales, Andrew FSC

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Medina, Buenaventura
Deveza, Eduardo
Bautista, Ma. Lourdes


It is said that the writer is not the best critic of her own work, for she may either undeservedly praise herself, or excessively castigate herself for her literary flaws. While self-criticism has its merits provided that the writer can distance herself from her work, the function of criticism is often best left to the critics and the reading public. Be that as it may, the writer presents this work as part of an initial collective concern shared by fellow writers in colleges and universities all over the country today -- a call for the recognition and accreditation of original creative work as equal to research requirements for masteral and doctoral degrees in the field of language and literature, if only for the fact that creative writing exacts as much, if not greater, scholarship and intellectual discipline as literary research. Through the novel, Breaking Faith, the writer hopes to reveal, in so far as her creative intuition and medium allow him, an inscape into the lives of ordinary individuals -- an inscape that may, hopefully, lead the reader to a better apprehension of life, and man's unending search for meaning and redemption.

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296 leaves ; 28 cm.

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