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Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies

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Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research


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Political Science

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Trinidad S. Osteria

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Francisco A. Magno

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Roberto T. Borromeo
Gerardo C. Janairo
Alvin B. Culaba
Julio C. Teehankee


The realities of globalization such as greater competition, innovation, worldwide markets with production options, and cultural and environmental degradation led to the recognition that knowledge societies, those that constantly evolve new ideas, technologies, methods, products and services, are crucial and higher education is the medium for their creation. UNESCO set the trend toward internationalization of tertiary education in 1998 when it called for the need to "redefine the role of universities within an international framework that incorporates human rights, democracy and sustainable development". ( declaration) This redirection involves re-engineering and re-structuring of higher education to enhance quality, stress relevance, strengthen capacity, and address social needs through international cooperation and exchanges. As a response, the International Association of Universities (IAU) developed a framework that guides universities in their internationalization efforts. (IAU, 2003) This dissertation validates this framework through the assessment of its operationalization in two reputable universities in Singapore and Japan and examination of the prospects for its adoption by De La Salle University (DLSU). The move toward internationalization of DLSU's program was initiated in 2009 when an ad hoc committee was formed to conceptualize its rationale and mechanisms. The framework proved to be a useful model in the two notable institutions in Singapore and Japan. A central office that established the mechanism, foresaw its implementation, and monitored progress facilitated its adoption. A rich resource base, an active alumni network that facilitated the international linkages and the prestige of the institutions, beefed up the efforts. The potential for DLSU's involvement was assessed considering its strengths and areas for improvement.

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Archives, The Learning Commons, 12F Henry Sy Sr. Hall


Evaluation; Globalization; Education, Higher; De La Salle University (Philippines); Universities and colleges--Singapore; Universities and colleges--Japan

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