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Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies

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Dairy Science


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Political Science

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Rizal G. Buemdia

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Trinidad S. Osteria

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Antonio P. Contreras
Felomino V. Mamuad


The intent of the dissertation is to show that the dynamics and mechanisms of Schumpeterian economics in terms of innovation and creative destruction have worked in the Philippine carabao industry. It provides an exposition of the development of the traditional community-based dairy industry through an innovative pathway analysis in historical context and describes the nexus conditions and patterns of the carabao dairy industry players through non-parametric statistics and triangulation. Essential revelations of the discourse disclosed the importance of sectoral players and their linkages within and outside of the industry in terms of business process management transactional fields of activities and strategic partnership relational characteristics divulged the explication of the state of the entrepreneurial management and economic arrangements of two traditional carabao-based sectors and presented a discernment of the development implications of the entrepreneurial and sectoral nexuses of the carabao milk chain. Three distinct models were offered to serve as leads in the design of innovation-based industry development (Germ Cell Model of Industry Development), forge entrepreneurial management of players to form a nexus (Five-Field Synergy System Model of Linkage Management) and reconfigure the carabao milk chain (Single-Step Demand Driven Carabao Milk-Pastillas Chain Model). Ã la fin, Schumpeterâ's creative destruction, as depicted in Philippine carabao industry, is innovation in technical approach (native carabao genetic improvement) that progresses to the formation of a variety of social network structures (PCC Network of Centers, dairy cooperativism, carabao-based sectors) and community-based entrepreneurial activities (milk production, pastillas production) which serve as decisive determinants of players to become adaptors of innovations and active agents of evolutionary change in the socio-economic systems of traditional carabao farming communities.

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Dairy products industry; Water buffalo industry--Philippines; Technological innovations; Milk yield

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