Local governance in the Philippines: The case of the city government of Marikina

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Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies

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State and Local Government Law


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Political Science

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Edberto Villegas

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Francisco A. Magno

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Mina Ramirez
Dante V. Sy
Robert Klinteberg
Leopoldo J. Dejillas


Prior to the enactment of the Local Government Code of the Philippines (LGC),or Republic Act (R.A.) No. 7160, development planning, administration, implementation, and evaluation even at the regional, provincial, city, and municipal levels were considered primarily as functions of the national government. This is no longer the case when the Code took effect in 1992, since this new law provided local government units (LGUs) autonomy in several aspects of local governance. After a decade, it becomes worthwhile to examine how the law has affected the nature, structures, and processes of local governance in the country, especially in the aspect of how LGUs carry out concrete developmental projects or programs. It is likewise important to examine whether or not governance has improved or not in terms of achieving the LGU's vision and objectives and, if so, examine the factors that contribute to its success of failure.This present study seeks to examine the nature and processes of local governance, in particular how LGUs carry out specific and concrete development projects or programs. In so doing, it also investigates the various factors that influence its success or failure and the concrete effects or impacts it brought on the lives of the people. The study hypothesizes that the success or failure of local governance is influenced by the interplay of factors, which may be external or internal to the community itself.

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Corporate governance; Local government--Philippines; Public administration; Marikina (Philippines)--Politics and government

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