Selected non-intellective variables associated with the understanding of the nature of science by the high school teachers of MSU-external units

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Doctor of Philosophy in Biology

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Melecio C. Deauna

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Belen De Jesus

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Alberto Campos
Wyona C. Patalinghug
Corazon Sinha


This study is an attempt to analyze and compare selected groups of high school teachers in their understanding of science. It also aims to establish relationship between the science teacher's perception of science and the selected variables associated with the understanding of science. The science (N-89) and non-science (N-92) secondary teachers of the MSU-External Units were asked to fill out information on answer sheets and later, were given a Test on the Understanding of Science (TOUS) Form W.The teachers' responses to the TOUS showed the following findings: 1. The secondary science teachers of MSU-External Units are relatively strongest in Area III - Understanding about the Methods and Aims of Science and weakest in Area I - Understanding about Scientific Enterprise. 2. The teachers have a significantly higher mean than the non-science teachers. 3. The teachers' in-service training is significantly related within the TOUS scores. 4. There is no significant difference between the mean scores of the teachers in the TOUS, among Maranaos and non-Maranaos among Physics and the other natural sciences years of science teaching experience ethnic background and educational attainment. The conclusions drawn from the study are:1. Secondary science teachers are generally poor in the understanding of science when compared with high school teachers in Luzon. 2. Science teachers have better understanding of science than non-science teachers. 3. The science in-service training of teachers was found to be significantly related to the criterion at infinity = 0.5, then it may be inferred that the understanding of science by the science teachers can be improved by providing adequate number and quality seminar-workshops in science. 4. There is no evidence obtained in the study connecting culture and religion with the understanding of science. 5. The understanding of science by science teachers with graduate units or with a degree like M.A.T. Education but without any science specialization is not significantly different

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Science teachers--Philippines; Science--Study and teaching; High school teachers

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