Iba't-ibang larawan ng kababaihan sa mga piniling nobela ni Lualhati Bautista

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Doctor of Arts in Language and Literature Major in Filipino

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Simplicio Bisa
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This study describes the role of women in selected novels of Lualhati Bautista, specifically the role of women in society. It seeks to answer the following questions: How did the writer portray women in society through the roles played by her leading female character in her novels? How did the women characters in her novels accept their position or role in society? What is the view/way of thinking of every leading female character toward her situation or status? Has there been any changes in the current situation of every female character? For methodology, the author gathered all the works of L. Bautista, classified them, selected the novels and read them. Subsequently, the author took note of the characterization of each female leading characters in her novels, and gave a descriptive narrative in her treatment of the data. Finally, an extensive interview was made with the writer. In her findings, it was established that the leading female characters in her novels do not remain fixed in her life situation they almost always are able to rise above their situations or raise the quality of their lives. Her women characters are depicted as strong-willed, decisive and independent-minded, not lowly and weak.

The author concludes that L. Bautista portrays different roles of women in her leading female characters, depicting a variety of life situations or stations in life. In general, women are meant to serve the family, in conformity with traditional values. However, past circumstances or recent events made it necessary for women to free themselves from the patriarchal system, and learn to fight. As a consequence, women become stronger, more firm, in facing the vicissitudes of life. In her recommendations, the author suggests the following: Similar studies in this topic. Further study on the other works of Lualhati Bautista. Further study on the works of other women writers. Investigative study into the status of women in our country and in other countries. Studies on male writings.

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Women novelists; Women in literature; Bautista, Lualhati -- Characters -- Women

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