Theses/Dissertations from 2019

An examination of the effects of the 2001 Anti-Money Laundering Act, as amended, in relation to Philippine rules on lawyer-client privilege, Patricia Anne A. Bayona

Abolishment of prejudice: a recognition of social reintegration of former prisoners for employment, Mico Anthony M. Carpio

Fun in VAT refund : implementing a tourist refund scheme pursuant to the cross-border doctrine, Roman George P. Castillo

A synthesis of the conflicting interpretative approaches to umbrella clauses in international investment law, Edwin Roberto L. Concepcion

Confessions of an insane : the necessity for proper safeguard measures in the waiver of Miranda rights and suppression of evidence, Ysabella Jenell J. Cruz

Revenue memorandum circular 12-2018 : a critic study : attorney-client privilege and the CIR's power under sec.5(b) of the National Internal Revenue Code, as amended, Jacinto Jericho D. De La Rosa IV

Beyond the energy demand : mplications of existing laws on energy projects built on ancestral domains, Fidea Marie Lope Encarnacion

Revisiting the Local Government Code on its authority to punish vagrants : amendment of Sec. 447 (A) (I) (II), (III) and (V) Sec. 458 (A) (I) (II), (III) and (V) and Sec. 468 (A) (I) (II), (III) and (V), Charles Lindoln-Jay D. Laminato

Hunting the predator : strengthening the emasures to eliminate child pornography on the Internet, Juan Samuel Ismael A. Loyola

Revisiting Republic Act no. 5680 : the proposed amendments to enhance the practice of physical therapy in the Philippines, Adrian Paolo R. Mina

Eliminating abusive contractualization practices by redefining labor-only contracting, mandating continuing requirements and imposing stiffer penalties for violations thereof, Alvin Angelo C. Rufino

Warranting a quo warranto : a critical analysis of the quo warranto case against then Chief Justice Maria Lourdes P. Sereno and the legal implications of such ruling in relation to the Rules of court, the 1987 Constitution, and other pertinent laws, Jairus Nicolo R. San Pedro

Securities : an analysis of Howey test in the operational dynamics of virtual currency, Ralph H. Villanueva

Defining the human right to energy and its normative value, Rod Ralph Salazar Zantua

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

The armed citizen : making the use of legal firearm to repel crimes against property : a complete defense, Gabriel C. Ablola

Casus omissus : analyzing the absence of an express statutory grant of certiorari jurisdiction upon the Court of Tax Appeals to establish that its court-granted certiorari power is a clear case of judicial legislation, Willie Ann M. Angsiy

State immunity as a defense against enforcement of international investment arbitral awards : a pursuit to remedy the Achilles’ heel of investor-state arbitration, Kylie Kaur Manalon Dado

Adoption of the reckless disregard standard in lieu of the bonus pater familias as a standard care in sports competitions to limit the application of the doctrine of assumption of risk as an affirmative defense available to a defendant-tortfeasor in sports-injury suits, Kim Patrick P. Dayos

Protecting fragrances as intellectual property right, Earvin S. Delgado

The clear and natural connection test : physical violence in hazing activities as a character trait contrary to the good moral character requirement for the practice of law, Clyde Marc L. Garcia

Taxing online advertisements : legal basis with regard to taxability of advertisements provided by non-resident foreign corporations, Jeshaiah Innoe M. Garcia

The legal relationship between the transport network companies in the Philippines, its operators, and its drivers, Ralph Benedict M. Geronga

Blockchain securities : validating initial coin offerings as investment contracts, Maria Isabel S. Hernandez

Revisiting the Code of Muslim Personal Laws : proposing amendments in an attempt to harmonize with existing state obligations and policies, Mohammad Annesir I. Kadjim

Rules that would regulate the use of cryptocurrency for trading corporate shares : a proposal, Floyd B. Mago

Court centrale : establishing an alternative dispute resolution system for sports in the Philippines, Justin Zosimo D. Mendoza

Interrupting the darkness : law setting limitations on the duration of night-shift work for BPO employees, Francis Christian Mark T. Paca

Beyond borders : the Philippine compliance on ASEAN comprehensive investment agreement, the ASEAN rules-based approach and the investment liberalization case analysis, John Carlo T. Pajo

The next big thing since the Internet (is here) : bitcoin and its tax treatment in the Philippines, GC Joella Gertrude P. Pillena

Hukayin : the constitutionality of introducing a law penalizing the denial of the Marcos regime's atrocities, Dan Christian E. Ramos

Release of prisoners pending appeal from orders of discharge issued by lower courts in habeas corpus petitions, Nigel Carmelo Q. Reago

Between duty and necessity : privatization of public hospitals in the Philippines, assessing its impact on the poor's human right to the highest attainable standard of health, Ronnie C. Resurreccion

The urge to merge, who’s gonna scratch that itch? : an argument for the primacy of authority of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas over bank mergers, Gawriil June S. Sullano

A case of angry birds : the illegality of the Cockfighting Law and amendment of the Animal Welfare Act, Julius Geoffrey S. Tangonan

Privacy and unreasonable searches in the 21st century : GPS tracking in criminal investigation, Anna Beatrice S. Tarrosa

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Giving what is due to the child born out of rape : revisiting article 345 (2) of the Revised Penal Code to declare it unconstitutional, Hannah Alyssa B. Bacolod

Twenty-one years old should be the minimum legal drinking age in the Philippines to enforce one of the state policies of the 1987 Constitution, Jennifer V. Balmeo

Lowering the minimum age of criminal responsibility : a study on its legality and suitability to today's society, Jocelyn H. Baylon

Of Bodongs and the sovereign : a proposal to allow indigenous peoples to use their customary law in compromising criminal liability for certain crimes, Karen Mae S. Cruz

The battle for constitutional guarantees : a study on the constitutionality of Human Security Act of 2007, Charlene Mae C. Dacara

A review of the Philippine competition law towards defining and regulating the business relationship of retailers and suppliers in the garments industry, Jonathan P. Dela Cruz

Expanding the rules on summons : assessing the viability of Philippine accession to the Hague Service Convention & providing key learnings from British and American civil procedure : a treatise on summons, Rikki Daniele Louis A. Dela Paz

Breaking boundaries : exploring possible justification to an amendment of the inner-country adoption law to allow foreign same-sex married couples to jointly adopt a Filipino child, Eravel Mae Cervantes Del Rosario

Inclusion of communicable and air-borne disease under rule 101- hospitalization of the rules of court, Daniel Jose E. Empleo

It's all relative : a study towards redefining the standards of probable cause to limit the discretion of prosecutors and judges prior to trial, Denise lsabel Cruz Guiao

Measuring the efficiency of PEZA in averting unfair competition : an analysis of the export manufacturing industry, Aihruz Lynell A. Mallari

Wage Rationalization Act and the decent standard of living for the workers, Metha Dawn H. Orolfo

The issuance of department circular no. 1-17 excluding business process outsourcing industries, is an excess of authority of the Secretary of Labor and Employment, Jan Dennis S. Reyes

A study of workplace bullying : defining possible liabilities of employers and co-workers and providing penalties, Aices P. Salvador

Reconciling the demands of the Unesco state obligations and providing safeguards to foreign investors, Miguel Enrique R. Sandico

The Philippine Competition Act : a clash between the telco giants and the competition watchdog on what constitutes a “deemed approved” status, Domingo Hamilton D. Tutaan III.

Extent of forgiveness : a study on the grant of pardon by the Philippine president on those convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity, Philip Conrad D. Vales

The bemusement on the legality of joint bank account with a survivorship agreement, Carl Fredson Y. Yao Au

Wiretapping public accountability : revising the anti-wiretapping law, Jezreel E. Zapanta

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

Thou shall be heard : the unconstitutionality of the waiver of right of the accused to present evidence upon failure to identify and mark evidence during pre-trial or upon failure to seek leave of court in filing demurrer to evidence, Ma Regine Joyce C. Agdon

Enough is enough : a proposal to enact an anti-discrimination law in favor of transgender people, Rosa Cecilia K. Alfafara

Baby its cold outside : how Philippine law should treat frozen embryos, Tanya Dominique L. Andrade

Application of “fixed and performance-based compensation scheme” to taxi drivers and prohibiting the use of the boundary system therefor, Jazem A. Ansama

Changing lanes : addressing the disparity in the application of traffic laws between motorcycles and automobiles, Nathalie Hiroko T. Antonio

Freedom in faith, freedom from matrimony : effects of islamic conversion on civil marriage, Janna Preciosa Barizo Aquino

A proposal to establish the right to be forgotten in the Philippines in relation to the right to privacy, Mila Marciana G. Asiddao

Plight of Filipino prisoners and detainees : the call for the creation of a Magna Carta for prisoners and detanee, Faye Cience C. Bohol

No left turn : conscientious objection of medical practitioners under the responsible parenthood and reproductive health law (Republic Act No. 10354) : a violation of women's rights, Justine Lyne C. Borbe

House or hospital arrest : a form of escape from legal confinement?, Rhonaliza Boyon Burce

Pirates of the internet : understanding copyright infringement on the internet and the legality of file sharing in the Philippines, Bien Ronald Lam De Guzman

Consent without cognition : the need for the integration of grave lack of due discretion into the family code of the Philippines, Mark Kristofferson O. De Guzman

Reverse piercing of the corporate veil : its recognition, applicability, and effects in the Philippine legal system and its significance vis-a-vis the practice of corporate layering, and addressing the possibility of fraud, Denison Paul B. De Silva

In ante-mortem probate, the formalities of the will need not be strictly complied with, Jon Vincent Diaz De Rivera

A Study on the development of specialized intellectual property rights courts and tribunals in the United States and South East Asia and the proposed creation of a specialized intellectual property division in the Court of Appeals, Celyne Klaire L. Esden

Examining hearsay evidence in determining probable cause in preliminary investigation in criminal cases, Edison T. Flores Jr.

Bash me not : Foe behind my screen : the right of every Filipino netizen of all ages to be and protected against cyberbullying, Karmela Casandra C. Garcia

Limitations of Republic Act No. 7877 : the need to expand the definition of sexual harassment, Paul Tristan Almocera Garcia

Critique of the Code of Crimes : removal of reckless act and frustrated mode, Dexter L. Gascon

The right of representation of adopted children in intestate succession, Ana Cristina Valbuena Gonda

Promoting greater transparency and accountability through intensified rules on the filing of the Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN), Esteele Vanessa Ann A. Hiceta

Harmonizing the substantive rights of abused, neglected, and exploited children, Renante O. Ko

#SCDecisionmaking101 : examining the relevance and applicability of judicial decision-making models in Imbong V. Ochoa, Mark Paul T. Lomod

Philippine Competition Commission : a unique body on its own, Normandale O. Manalo

Plight of Filipino prisoners and detainees : the call for the creation of a Magna Carta for prisoners and detanee, Ma Cielito Carmela Gabrielle G. Mateo

There's no place like home : formulating the legal remedy to preserve the rights of internally-displaced persons caused by environmental degradation and natural disasters, Mary Beatrice M. Mationg

Cyberspace game fixing : the reality of its impunity under the Philippine laws, Christopher Dann C. Mercado

Fair trading on online shopping, Revy Medrick Neri DR.

The right to sound environment and health : regulation of aerial spraying, Wendell Leigh M. Oasan

Probation law : Its flow and flaws : the missing link between corrections and the community, Marie Rojan S. Padua

Does silence always mean yes? : a critique of the current definition of rape in relation to consent, Gianina Mae C. Remo

The effect on the status and capacity to marry of dual citIzens by virtue of reacquisition of Filipino citizenship under “the Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003” (Republic Act 9225) and its effect on their children, Jelena F. Sebastian

Absolute divorce : light in the face of darkness, Mica Joanna Gonzales Tan

The no therapeutic claim abuse : increasing the standard of regulation of dietary supplements in the Philippines, Joshua Quentin V. Tarcelo

PCD nominee who? : disclosure of client information by broker-dealers under government regulations and applicability of the data privacy act analyzed, Nikkolas Lorenzo Domingo G. Tolentino

Get your trash back : transboundary movement of hazardous wastes, Patricia Gianina C. Tuason

Commercial speech : a legal approach towards the general right of a lawyer to advertise, Gabriel Paulo R. Uy

The Bayh-Dole Act as an adoptable pattern for the Philippine Technology Transfer Act : a comparative analysis of the United States' Bayh-Dole Act of 1980 (P.L. 96-517) and the Philippine Technology Transfer Act (R.A. 10055) of 2009, Marian Kay M. Yambao

Life goes on : a proposal to incorporate patent term adjustment and data exclusivity into Philippine Law vis-a-vis pharmaceutical innovation, Danna Laura Samala Zerrudo

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

VAWC and the modern day filipino family : the inlcusion of other relatives in the list of perpetrators under RA 9262, Ace Gregory F. Aceron

VAWC and the modern day filipino family: The inlcusion of other relatives in the list of perpetrators under RA 9262, Ace Gregory F. Aceron

Corporation un-personalized: The right of the people against unreasonable searches and seizures not applicable to corporations as artificial creations of law, Jay Paolo C. Adalem

Corporation Un-Personified : the right of the “People” against unreasonable searches and seizures not applicable to corporations as artificial creations of law, Jay Paolo C. Adalem

Corporation un-personalized : the right of the people against unreasonable searches and seizures not applicable to corporations as artificial creations of law, Gem Loren S. Alegado

Don't leave our education behind Proposing a law mandating special education by applying the inclusion principle for children with special needs in the Philippines, Gem Loren S. Alegado

For liberty or convenience? : an analysis of the existing rules on the determination of probable cause for the issuance of a warrant of arrest, Charles Edmund C. Atienza