Theses/Dissertations from 2021

An ergonomically designed wrist-friendly mouse for gamers, Mark Adrian M. Hernandez and Joseph Ryan A. Lopez

Theses/Dissertations from 2020

A system study on the production system of chocolate factory, Alezander Mikhail O. Galindo, Nisarg Nigam, and Sean Bradley M. Tan

Theses/Dissertations from 2019

A system study on the production operations of payao ropes in ROTP Manufacturing Company, Inc., Jerone Loise P. Aleman, Angelo Miguel T. Cruz, and Anna Patricia A. Javier

Learner characteristics and interface characteristics as factors in the study of continued usage intention on learning management systems, Aldous John Reynold L. Aman and Alyssa Denise R. Vicera

A system study on the logistics and warehouse operations of Logistics Forwarding Company (LFC), Daniel Eric C. Amurao, Charlie S. Li, and Gideon Noel S. Valera

A system study on the warehouse operations of North Trend Marketing Corporation's Manila Warehouse, Colin Royce D. Ang, Anton Rafel V. Antonio, and Raymond Benedict J. King

A system study on White Horse Plastic Manufacturing, Eizel Stacey Ocampo-Tan Ang, Julianne Liana Lim Co, and Frances Gabriel Narvacan Say

A system study on the swithcgear production of Asiaphil Electric Batangas Inc., Roberto Rafael Angeles; Jet Niko Brizuela; Anna Patricia De Guzman; and Gutierrez, Alma Maria Jennifer, panel chair

Project management system study of large scale projects of Reign-Nan Sales Industry and General Contractors, Inc., Patricia Louise B. Ariate, Kathrina Faye S. Castro, and Lesley Ann A. Cortez

A study on the influence of the affective design of shopping paper bags on the consumer's recycling decision, Jenna Cristina B. Balasbas, Leanne Jessica O. Co, and Svettlana Marie S. Verra

A system study on the Quezon Avenue branch of JPD Pizza Inc., Pedro Gavino D. Banico, Jan Paolo L. Dela Cruz, and Jasper Nathan Nery

A system study on the warehousing and outbound processes of Ninja Van, Luis Antonio B. Barangan, Felix Richard C. Cordova Jr., and Marc Kevin Y. Tan

A system study on the service installation process of manual roll up doors of City Shutters Incorporated, Jueleven Bayro, Mark Tumalimuan, and Carl Jan Uy

A system study on the fabric knitting operation of Company ABC, Reeve Eric B. Camelon, Dionisio Ramon J. Diokno IV, and Malvin Lucas T. Que

A system study on the production, warehouse, and delivery operations of Arty Work Builders Corporation, Altheo N. Casuncad, Gracielle Therese L. Lin, and Hans Seymour S. Sy

A system study on the warehousing and ordering operations department of ABC Company, Randy Stanford S. Chan, Emmanuel Patrick A. Roque, and Stephen Lanz S. Trinidad

A system study on Mind Alliance Ventures Inc., Kyle Joshua T. Cheng, Curtis Jones O. Garcia, and Aaron Joseph T. Lopez

Integration of epidemic diffusion and adjacent edge properties to outbreak management model, Samuel Emerich Chen

A system study on the steel bar production of Grand Asia Metal Corporation, Christopher Antonio P. Co, Tiffani Grace V. Gamboa, and Rafael Vincent V. Rustria

A system study on the Design, Engineering, and General Administration Department of Fruitas Holdings Inc., Beatinna Kira S. Cruz, Lance Christopher T. Sy, and Joshua Erwin C. Sy

A multi-branch manpower distribution and scheduling for Wildflour Bakery + Cafe Corp., Danielle Justin B. Cruz

A system study on the sausage production of FilFresh Philippines Incorporated's Manila Factory, Cedric Jan Encarnacion, Dana Leigh Lao, and Isaiah Pinto

Redesigning the form and label of waste bins to promote waste sorting behaviour in De La Salle University-Manila, Princess Camille A. Fajardo and Juliene Rois V. Poniente

A resource allocation for defensive counterterrorism with multi-resource sharing proximity, Al-Basheer Gatpandan, Jason Ryan Lau, and Anton Miguel Santos

A system study on the switchgear plant operations of Total PowerBox Solutions, Inc., Allison Shelley Lourdes D. Gonzalez and Raiza R. Riguera

A system on the Planning and Production Department of Multiflex RNC Canlubang, Philippines, Angelica Dominique P. Gonzalez and Angelica Ruth T. Gutierrez

An optimization model for the design of an off-grid micro-hydro power plant considering profitability and degradation in a multiple time period setting, Juan Carlo B. Hernandez, Carlos Jan P. Penas, and Adrianne Ressa C. Tiu

A bi-objective scheduling and sequencing model for the full maintenance of automated teller machines, Carlos Manuel A. Ilagan, Angelia Danielle C. Trinidad, and John Lorenz T. Wee

A system study on the hiring process of Fruitas Holdings Incorporation's Human Resources Department, Margarita M. Iñigo, Christopher G. Veloso, and Ivan Francis T. Yeung

A system study on the internal IT Department of Converge ICT, Shaira Ysabel P. Leosala, Dennis Mikhail D. Ojeda, and Alyssa Janelle I. Romana

An integer timetabling and vehicle scheduling problem for two-way point-to-point ground transportation system with considerations for headway and number of vehicles to be deployed, Charlynne Santos, Michelle Tee, and Feliza Trinidad

A system study on the Production Department of FCO International Inc., Primo Wu, Hans Thadeus C. Gonzales, and Peter Christopher R. Sarmiento

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

Urban stormwater runoff reduction through low impact development (LID) on a city-scale catchment: A case study on San Juan City, Philippines, Ralph Eleazar A. Abundo, Michael Angelo P. Hontomin, Jan Benedick R. Pauco, and Rafael C. Rivera

Seismic vulnerability assessment of a historical structure: A case study of El Deposito Waterworks System, Bea S. Alberto, Patrick Anthony M. Apacible, April Oilec Deanielle B. Pacayra, and April Oilec Deanielle J. See

A system study on the production of pantograph jack of Karzai Corporation, Krstine Arianne S. Algenio; Isabella Camille U. Calixto; Isabella F. Romero; and Gutierrez, Alma Maria Jennifer, panel chair

Improving the geotechnical properties of granular soils with the usage of silicon dioxide particles nano-silica and calcium hydroxide hydrate lime, John Gabriel A. Alon, Edward David R. Choy, and Edwin V. Santiago

A two-phase QFD approach on the design of a two-wheeled bag type grocery handcart, Miguel Blaise Ampil, Ana Justine Castillo, and Erika-Jane Lim

A system study on the logistics operations of Company A's pick-up and delivery services, John Revin S. Antonio, Erika Mae S. Go, and Julian Rose D. Orial

Evaluating the flexural strength of reinforced geopolymer concrete with corrosion using 3-point cyclic loading bending test, John Benedict L. Araneta, Ayanna Isabelle L. Dumadag, Hiroshi L. Iguchi, and Harold Joshua D. Uy

An investigation on the structural properties of concrete with expanded polystyrene (EPS) and flyash, Charles Joshua H. Ato, Jan Rensys D. Domingo, John Zoilo F. Santiago, and Jose VIctor D. Viduya

A system study on the printing press of Imageworld Graphic Sales Inc., Jenny Ann M. Austria, Dante Miguel S. Cadiz I, and Brian Spencer U. Young

Rainfall-runoff analysis for designing low impact development (LID) to mitigate flooding in an urban area, Jerlyn Anne J. Avellano, Arish I. Choy, Kim Stephen D. Lee, and Andrea S. Serrano

A systems study on the inbound to outbound warehouse operations of Deejay Management & Trading Services Co., Rivkin Josef Y. Bangayan, Ryan Stacey K. Chua, and Andrea Stacey P. Ng

Investigation on the compressive strength of concrete with seawater and powdered eggshells as partial replacement for cement, Rev Jacob DL. Baron; Saludo, Philip Daniel T.; Tugade, Jericho Mari C.; and Yokohama, Ken L.

A systems study on the supply chain of chemical products of ABC Company, John Ryan B. Batac, Pauline Regine, Maria Jameeca D. Reyes, and Ronald S. Mariano

An investigation on the mechanical properties of concrete mixed with crumb rubber and fly ash after exposure to elevated temperature, Denise Riana M. Bautista, Gerard H. Romanillos, Kendrick H. Sales, and Ludwig Alain S. Yabut

Strength performance of concrete with gold mine tailings-based geopolymer binder, Hannah Eunice V. Beltran, Camille Allyssa L. Calicdan, Tony Rose E. Duran, and Caryl David G. Ramos

Impact of pedestrian signal timing design on pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow along Taft Avenue, Manila, Vincent Jaime A. C. Benitez, Noel John A. De Lara, Miguel Angelo R. Mariano, and John Vincent M. Palmes

Strain localization of reinforced alkali-activated concrete under corrosion using digital image correlation, Erica Mae C. Bolivar, Andrew Teus T. Escleto, Iona Trisha B. Rubinos, and Sherie Joy M. Tan

A system study on the Production Department of Joven Industries, Inc., Joyce Anne F. Bonagua, Denzel T. De Leon, and Merici Bianca T. Platero

Investigation on the resistivity of concrete with high density polyethylene (DHPE) as partial replacement for fine aggregates against sulfate attack, Grant Yves Martin V. Borbon, Kenrick F. Go, and Rockwell Moricz G. Jardiniano

Automated power management system design for grid-tied residential units, Rum Albert E. Borromeo, Maryo Karlo D. Gonzales, and Jose Nino Maria L. Talens

Modeling the ultimate confined compressive strength and increase in strength of carbon-reinforced concrete column, Daniel Joshua S. Buera, Jasmine Anne D. Garduque, and Isabel Nicole C. Lecciones

A system study on the polo shirt production of Island-Mate Enterprise, Gerald Joseph L. Buguis; Charles Marvin H. Tiu; and Zalatar, Willy, panel chair

Fuzzy analytic heirarchy process approach to evaluate factors contributing to the occurrence of adverse events in the Philippine hospital sector, Jane Frances C. Cartalla, Kenneth Aynrand V. Montoya, and Shiela May C. Suyo

A product design for cabinet hinges assembly of San Wee Plastic Products Manufacturing, Bryan Jefferson B. Chan, Jorel Leonardo F. Suarez, and Loren Felix T. Sy

The effect of aesthetic visual properties on the comprehension of data visualizations, Katrina K. Chinjen, Nicole Anne Therese P. Estoista, and Judy Ann G. Wu

A user experience evalutation and redesign geared towards improving customer experience for Wendy's website, Marjorie A. Chiong Maya, Wendy Gail C. Sia, Rendell Heindrick A. Tiu, and Rosemary R. Seva

Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions through life cycle assessment (LCA) of concrete road pavements in Metro Manila, David Andrew B. Co, Martin Raphael L. Quioge, Denise C. Yang, and Angelo Chris C. Yu

A system study on the fabric manufacturing operations of Sun Fortune Inc., Jeremy L. Co, Jason Earl O. O. Coojacinto, and Carol Angeli B. Reyes

Incorporating bridges in the streamflow analysis of Cagayan de Oro River, Vincent Marion R. Concepcion, Allan Paul S. Garcia, Emmanuel D. Lapena Jr., and Stephen Gil G. Sulicipan

A system study on the Production Department of Mega Paints and Coating Corp., Kenneth J. Cruz; Anthony Bill T. Delos Santos; Jose Lorenzo G. Penaflorida; and Tangsoc, Jasmin C., panel chair

A system study on the dry warehouse operations of BKF Logistics, Marie Bianca S. Cruz, Karisse Dominique M. Cuenco, and Rika L. Fukuro

Implementation of a microcontroller-based load controller for micro-hydroelectric system with grid integration and GSM capability, Joven Angelo L. Cura, Ben-Hur Mari A. Enriquez, Thomas Michael D. Johansson, and Juan Jaime C. Rivera

A GPS application for on-road emergency needs of drivers, Kathleen Ann R. Daculo, Max A. Del Rosario, and Maria Crisite M. Tan

Analysis of the pressure and flow of the water distribution system in a rolling terrain in Batangas City, Daniel Jude C. David, Justin Noel T. Guinto, Louie Raphael O. Rivera, and Derrick Joshua D. Uy

A system study on Gibson's Shoe Factory Incorporated, Jan Kenneth Declaro, Arvin Clarence G. Kang, and Clarence John V. Malcaba

Determination of the mechanical properties of Dendrocalamus asper (giant bamboo), Anika Paul M. De Jesus, Diane Megan C. Ong, Ma. Chrissel Paula D. Roxas, and Mikhaela Andrea I. Tan

The combined effects of nano-montmorillonite and halloysite nanoclay to the workability and compressive strength of concrete, Juanito Enrico B. Edrada, Vincent A. Eugenio, Roy Adrian S. Fugado, and Eric Stephen C. Li

Perception study on the walkability of Metro Rail Transit (MRT-3) stations, Nico Joshua L. Escober, Elijah Ralph C. Go Tian, Mary Jazmine N. Morante, and Prudence Marie Y. Reyes

A closed-loop supply chain profit optimization model considering customer zone selection and product returns quality in recovery success, Christine Lois M. Fernandez and Jan Kenneth P. Mati-ong

Storm surge hazard assessment of the coastal community in Legazpi City, Philippines, Francis Fernandez, Eloise Lumain, Rupert Mella, and Byron Po

A system study on the services department of the metal sheet fabrication of Asiaphil South Luzon, Inc, Isabella A. Fernandez, Josephine Cheenie A. Rapanut, and Dannille Rose N. Salcedo

Road accident factor prioritization using AHP and driver's understanding toward traffic signs in the City of Manila, Jerold Joseph M. Fernandez and Justin Roi Salvador

Road accident factor prioritization using AHP and driver's understanding toward traffic signs in the City of Manila, Jerold Joseph M. Fernandez and Justin Roi Salvador

A system study on the Parts Department of Toyota Quezon Ave., Inc., Jeriel G. Francisco; Michelle Angela S. Latorre; Jarrett Lintford C. Yu; and Gutierrez, Alma Maria Jennifer, panel chair

Evaluation of compressive strength and durability of concrete with coconut shell ash to determine the optimal level of cement replacement, Cielo D. Frianeza, Jilliane Faye F. Aguilon, Jan Brayden U. Sy, and Paul Adrian G. Tan

A systems study on the milk production of XYZ Corporation in Cabuyao, Laguna, Gabriel F. Garcia and Julienne Marie I. Guintu

Design and implementation of a remotely monitored weather station, Rowella Zosima A. Gimena and Christine Anne A. Narvadez

A study on the microcell and macrocell of seawater-fly ash concrete columns with cold joints, Lance Hencer W. Go, Patrick Jerwin G. Lim, Christine Joy S. Tan, and John Robert L. Teng

A system study on the production system of Hi-Top Plastic Manufacturing, Manuel Isidro Guanio, Kyle Lewis Lim, and Kelvin Manuel Ong

Properties of concrete with seawater and powdered mussel shells as partial cement replacement, Paul Ray F. Hong, Mark Denzel C. Ibanez, Alyssa Anne R. Reyes., and Mary Olivienne G. Uy

An optimization model for tour operators considering bundling of services, pricing strategies and supplier selection with quality aspect, Miguel Enrico Ibana, Meryll Ingrid Saquido, and Daphne Kate Yang

An investigative study on the mechanical properties of rice husk ash blended cement concrete with crumb waste rubber tires as partial fine aggregate replacement, Carmela Denise C. Isberto, Krystoffer Lloyd D. Labra, and Jan Marielle B. Landicho

Feasibility of a proposed bamboo connection method for cement bamboo frame, Jonathan Sebastian P. Isleta, Jeslie S. Lim, Paul Daniel T. Mabborang, and Dennis Christian A. Santos

Corrosion detection of concrete mixed with fly ash and seawater measured through ultrasonic pulse velocity, Neale Marvin Kho and Manuel Luis Sarrondo

Performance of concrete with fly ash and recycled HDPE plastic aggregates after fire exposure, Nicole Clarice T. Koa, Angel Lisette S. Lao, Rachele Nicole A. Lao, and Jiro Charles Mikail U. Tan

A system study on the outbound process of Primer Group of Companies' KIDC Warehouse, Earl Kristof C. Li Liao, Michaela M. Miranda, and Mary Silvana S. Tuazon

A system dynamics study on the dynamic evacuation decisions of coastal communities in Region IV-A, Bryanne Clarice D. Lim

Flood risk analysis considering power loss and consumer functionality: A case study in Surigao City, Surigao del Norte, Kristeen Mae L. Macadamia

A systems study on the outbound process of Primer Group of Companies, Iana Agnieszka B. Manalang; Christelle Faye R. Sibal; Jathniel S. Thai; and Sy, Charlle, panel chair

GPS-guided smart go-kart with obstacle detection, Carl Vinson B. Matulac, Marc Douglas C. Serzo, and Raven A. Soliguen

A facilities planning and design of De Los Santos Medical Hospital's patient rooms, Jeoul Christian G. Mendoza, Ira Aileen L. Morada, and Pamela Isabel L. Yuson

A system study on the production of Muhlach ensaymada in the Philippines, Angela Kristine I. Muhlach, Juan Paolo P. San Juan, and Ryan Oswald C. Cu

A multi-level multi-perspective reverse logistics model on e-waste, Andrew Kyle A. Rapes, Arvin Jerome A. Padayao, and Mary Antonette P. Medida

A model of the risk factors of work-related musculoskeletal disorder, Ena Claire B. Santonia and Desiree Joy C. Sy

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Fresh and hardened properties of self-compacting concrete with perna viridis and zeolite, Joejie Jorlan S. Abelong II, Jewill A. Decena, Ramon Carlos E. Eudela, and Lance Rafael S. Mataragnon

A study on pluvial flood mitigation by infiltration and storage capacity on Marian Quadrangle using porous blocks, Alyssa Mae P. Abitria, Theo J Johannes F. Co, Brian Joseph E. Guiang, and Shaira S. Palomaria

Dynamics of the interrelationship among consumers, e-wastes management, and environment sector: Focusing on the trend between e-wastes disposed and e-wastes recycled: A system dynamics approach, John Aldrin S. Acantilado and John Emmanuel T. Morales

Evaluation of scoliosis x-ray images using MATLAB with a database integrated GUI, Anthony Jude Hermeroll Q. Aggabao, John Gilbert L. Ong, Francis Maynard P. Cadiente, John Christopher T. Lim, and Nigel A. Silva