Theses/Dissertations from 2021

An ergonomically designed wrist-friendly mouse for gamers, Mark Adrian M. Hernandez and Joseph Ryan A. Lopez

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

Flood risk analysis considering power loss and consumer functionality : a case study in Surigao City, Surigao del Norte, Kristeen Mae L. Macadamia

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

A home monitoring system using ultrasonic, magnet, and infrared sensors, wirelessly integrated to an android application, Edmar Francis M. Borromeo

Design and implementation of telemetry on an Arduino-based vending machine via SMS, Maximo Ian C. Canino

Interactive online learning system for wireless communications course, Paolo Nico P. Judaya

Microcontroller-based vehicle gas pedal immobilizer with android app, Simon Benedict T. Villanueva

An SMS based automated pet feeder with DC fan and temperature sensor, Roy Ritchie L. Vy

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

Seismic risk assessment of the buried water supply lifeline system of Surigao Metro Water District, Sheena I. Better

Ranking of carbon nanotube production methods via verbal decision analysis, Kenneth O. Bolo

Smart Electric Bicycle Controller with vehicle dynamics modelling and power ratio management, Jonathan R. Macaraig

Student attendance monitoring system in Science and Technology Research Center (STRC) via radio-frequency identification (RFID), Ninna Patricia R. Mateo

Dynamics of attrition rate management in a Philippine call center : a system dynamics perspective, Alberto Raphael C. Mutuc

Beta/alpha power ratio and alpha asymmetry characterization of EEG signals due to musical tone stimulation, Maria Michaela M. Noscal

Development of promotional material for the encouragement of senior high school students to take up electronics engineering, Edward Brian V. Rodriguez

Abdominal palpation characterization using computer vision, Aeysol F. Rosaldo

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Extraction of phenolic compounds from Philippine carabao mango (mangifera indica L.) seed kernel using subcritical water, Vincent Paolo F. Baculo

Web-based ID renewal system using face and fingerprint authentication system : a thesis, David Ben B. Villanueva

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Evaluation of E-waste management system in the Philippines using AHP-SWOT method: A case study on the mobile phone take-back scheme by Francesca Marie D. de Guzman., Francesca Marie D. de Guzman

Design and development of computer simulated manual for transmission of signals laboratory, Jeffrey Ryane Q. See

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

SMS compression and encryption application for android phones : a thesis, Mart Rainier D. Medrano

The Generation of fragility curves of a pier under high magnitude earthquakes: A case study of the Metro Rail Transit-3 pier, Dareen Adrian T. Requiso

Theses/Dissertations from 2011

A VHDL implementation of an enhanced reconfigurable arithmetic logic unit implemented in Virtex 4, Christian Benedict Bravo and Marianne Ignacio

Student information software program and barcode scanner as an information verifier of student data and student population tracking system : a thesis, Domingo M. Evangelista

Effects of pedicabs and kuligligs on the capacity of roads in the vicinity of De La Salle University, Jamiel Louiee L. Jayme and Paul Angelo C. Sia

Theses/Dissertations from 2010

Effects of exterior post-tensioning on retrofitting deformed wide flange steel beams, Patricia C. Adiaz and David Joseph J. Vidad

Effect of ceramic tiles wastes as a partial substitute for aggregates on the compressive strength of ordinary portland cement concrete, Lorenzo Gabriel D. Certeza and Norman C. Tanquerido

Impact of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway on the movement of selected agricultural products in the Philippines, Haybert Josef J. De Guia and Mark Anthony B. Saldo

Computer aided instruction on computer system architecture : a guide to PC assembly and troubleshooting, Primyr John M. Dela Pena

Assessing parking demand and supply of establishments in Erminta-Malate area City of Manila, Mark Henric T. Go and Myron Julius O. Manguera

A System dynamics approach for cervical cancer prevention and control in the Philippines, Antonio Louis A. Holmes

A qualitative analysis for flood risk indexing in Malabon City, Albert E. Lamberte and Maria Emilia P. Sevilla

Strength properties of coconets subjected to different weathering conditions, Allan Kristoffer S. Mariano and Joanthan Albert V. Salumbides

Stair-climbing prototype, Rheeno Albert G. Medrano and Joseph Paulo I. Santos

The evaluation of ISO 9000 in terms of client satisfaction to Philippine contractors, Martin Earl Mendoza and Cresencio Balasbas III

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

An investigation on the adsorptive potential of Palawan natural laterites in the removal of arsenic in simulated groundwater, Ma. Cecilia Bacolor Buguis and Benson Gatdula Fuentes

Characterization of fatty acids from locally available algae strains for use as biodiesel feedstock, Ian Anthony Y. Catabran

Carbon tax applied in a multi-period closed-loop supply chain with remanufacturing, Elaine L. Chang and Francisco Elicano

Bill and coin changing machine, Andrea Eugenio and Herlyn Melicado

Computer aided instruction for applied numerical methods, Marlito P. Gondraneos and Clemente Carlo A. Borja

Catalytic activity of Ni on MgO-ZrO2 support for the dry reforming of methane at low temperatures, Vanessa Lynn M. Soriano and Hazel Claire C. Tan

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

A study on Transcription and Business Process Outsourcing, Incorporated, Genaro Martin O. Anigan

An ergonomic study on the workplace efficiency improvement for the jeepney drivers in Metro Manila, Jeric Daniel M. Axalan and Anne Rhea P. Landicho

Modified insecticide bottle filling and capping machine, Ramon. Barcelon

FPGA-based maximum power point tracker control unit, Ryan Joseph P. Bitanga

Microcontroller based push cart controller, Khristian L. Briguela

Implementation of an interface equipment of a GSM-based vehicle tracking system using an ADSP-BF537 Blackfin processor, Reneeko Angelo Catalan and Jorge Victor Paez

A systems study in Pambalot atbp. Incorporated, Irving T. Chin and Ian C. Dy

A systems study on the production line of Cathay Pacific Steel Corporation, Daniel Cruz and Louise Lucille C. Ramirez

A study on the possible effects of ground subsidence to structures in Malabon and Navotas, Anthony Jude C. Dy and Sherwin Mervin Burton E. Lucas

File transfer using TRF-2.4G transceiver, Michael Benzon C. Lim and Juan Enrico R. Milana

Computer aided instruction on safety engineering for Electronics and Communications Engineers (ECESAFE), Jose P. Mallo

A multi-objective mathematical model for reservoir operation scheduling with hydroelectric power generation, sediment level maintenance and water quality considerations, Christian Lloyd M. Nicolas and Dexter C. Tan

Computer aided instruction on use, operation and maintenance and repair of commonly used biomedical equipment, Fritz Gerald C. Oliveros

Computer assisted guide in designing electronic controls for micro-hydro power plant, John Eric L. Pena

A multi-period inventory allocation model using price protection and product return subsidies for supply chains having independent distributors under declining price environments, Bryan L. Py

A systems study on the production department of Rusca Manufacturing, Marianne B. Ragudo

An FPGA-based tester for PICI6F877A microcontroller, Carlos Augustine V. Reyes and Krystele Ciara T. Uy

A system study on the liquids and gels and emulsion section of filling and packing department of the Splash Corporation, Jofel-Jorrel B. Riofrio

Application of discrete choice modeling to access modes of the LRT systems, John Erik H. Vitug

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

A system study of the water resource management of Citadella Executive Village: Amelioration, Edison V. Angeles and Charle C. Tiu

RF-based electronic remote locking system, Jan Chester K. Ang and Rommel M. David

CAI for ADVCOLE, Kerwin G. Ang and James Randy M. Valencia

Computer-aided instruction on the physics of semiconductor devices, Giann Carlo S. A. Aprentado and Alvin Ray D. Nunez

Computer-aided instruction on wireless LANs, Eduardo Irwin Batang

Understanding the interaction of flooding and land use in Dagupan City, Marvin D. Beltran and John James L. Chua

Microcontroller based SMS micro e-load vending machine, Joshua C. Cu and Jeckson T. Uy

A multi-objective multi-period model for multiple contaminant wastewater reuse networks with regeneration units and fuzzy approach, Jane Heather Dee and Miguel M. Zavalla

The dynamics of accidents in Metro Manila specifically concerning the public utility vehicle system, Jerico Del Rosario and Nella Geconcillo

CAI for microprocessor architecture and design of RISC architecture, Rica Eunice T. De Vera and Stephanie Joy L. Tan

A systems study on All Nations e-Language Conversions, Inc., Nina Patria N. Escaro and Maria Rebecca V. Estaniel

Trip production models for residential areas in Bulacan and Cavite, Brice Ericson D. Hernandez and Jayvee N. Sta. Maria

A system for retrieving and documenting field test display parameters in an independent database storage using J2ME, Ma. Consuelo M. Hernandez and Edeline C. Teh

Microcontroller-based teaching module for first and second order LTI systems, John Jessie S. Lu Chui Kau and Marlon Willison U. Reyes

A proposed service operation scheme for city buses along Epifanio De Los Santos Avenue (EDSA), Miguel E. Maayo III and Jose Mari Rafael S. R. Rodriguez

Study of Bambusa Blumeana Bamboo as reinforcement for concrete beams, Tom Gerard. Peñaredondo

Computer-aided instruction on the programmable logic controller, John Ryan M. Rodriguez

Web-based computer aided instruction for operating systems (OPERASY), Dennis C. Salvador and Juan Paulo C. Villamor

Bridge hydraulics: Villa Aurora Bridge (Maria Auroa, Aurora Region III Luzon Provinces), Arvy Bryan M. Trinidad and Jerome Raagas

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

The determinants of airport passenger demand in the Philippines, Hansel Brian L. Alvarez and Paolo Martin M. Amis

Cadence instructional manual with analog and digital circuit experimental modules, Leonard Angelo D. Blanco and Paula Erika O. Ligeralde

A systems study on the security services of Variance Protective and Security Agency Corporation., Jim Bryan T. Carino

A systems study on the non-penicillin tablet and capsule production of Sydenham, Laboratories Inc., Nicholas Ian C. De Luna and Kathleen H. Tanega

A systems study on the freight management of Exel Philippines, Incorporated, Christian Angelo S. J. Dimapindan

A study on flood disaster vulnerability of Dagupan City: Analyzing hazards and exposure data, Peter Excel A. Figueroa and Anna Kathleen E. Ureta

A systems study on the manufacturing system of Unilever Philippines' personal care plant, Lindsey Darlene Li and Giza Eileene U. Sy

Food delivery with J2ME and GPRS technology, Raymond Aldwin A. Ong and Kimberly Jane S. Uy

A facilities plan for the new campus site of Trace College in Fort Bonifacio, Riel G. Samoy and Gerald Tangtatco

Increasing the strength of beach sand concrete hollow blocks, John Kevin S. Syquiatco and Edron Benedict Terrenal

Automatic overmodulation monitoring system for Philippine FM broadcast stations, Henry Kenneth H. Yu and Kristoffer S. Lim

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Web-based computer aided instruction for bluetooth technology, Marjorie H. Angeles and Benjo C. Del Mundo

High early strength concrete modeling using artificial neural network, Paul Andrew I. Arellano and Royce C. Gaw

A system study on the Production Department of JBC Food Corporation, Jomark Arollado and Andrew Ng

Use of Snyder's method in establishing flow duration curve : Determining hydro power potential for Barangay Maasin, San Clemente, Tarlac., Conrado G. Belisario

Data acquisition system for micro hydroelectric power plant., Dunn Jerome D. Calubad and Arnel P. Casiño

Field programmable gate array based remote home control using dual tone multi-frequency, Ryan M. Carpio and Raymund William M. Mallonga

A systems study on the Production Department of Super Umbrellas Corporation, Analeen Joan C. Co and Stefanie Sheila A. Tan

A systems study on the production area of the small outlined integrated chip of Amkor Technology Philippines (P1-2), Annie Katrina Co Co and Mark Roland Anibigno Rogio

Effects of short fibers in the physical characteristics of concrete with bottom ash, Ma. Catherine T. Codilla and Zoraida S. Cuadra

Prediction of strength of web subjected to interior patch loading using artificial neural network, Chris Mark S. Dela Cruz and Osacar C. Lee

PIC microcontroller demonstration board for electronics design laboratory, Patrick John C. Delos Trinos and Pedro Alfonso D. Patdu II