Client rejection in the life insurance industry through kapwa lens: A qualitative study on the experience and coping of Filipino insurance agents

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Client rejection in insurance industry

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology


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Jaymee Abigail K. Pantaleon

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Alessandra T. Arpon


Life insurance agent have become more prominent in the past years in the Philippines yet no study has been launched to investigate how rejection involved in the nature of their jobs affect them psychologically. This qualitative study is centered on describing the rejection experience of Filipino life insurance agents, how the Filipino values plays a role in the encounter of rejection and how they attempt to cope up. The researchers seek to augment the understanding of this experience by conducting a series of interviews and a focus group discussion and thematically analyzing the first-hand rejection account of life insurance agents. The researchers strived to answer how Filipino life insurance agents encounter rejection in different forms continually, and perceived relationship with clients significantly impact the degree of negative feeling experienced. Additionally, positive coping behaviors such as personal acceptance or seeking for reasons behind the rejection experience, employing strong work ethics, and altering their strategic approaches were the prevalent themes in how they cope with the rejection experience. The researchers aspire that this research study will apprise the industry's companies and human resource departments about management practices for their employees, and hopefully contribute in expanding the body of knowledge in understanding sikolohiyang Pilipino in industrial psychology.

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Rejection (Psychology); Insurance agents--Philippines

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