Sales, inventory & production management system for MGM Food & Commodities Corporation

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


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Computer Science

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Marivic S. Tangkeko


Executive summary: Over the years, people have dreamt of lesser work but with greater efficiency. However, given these situations, it gives information technology an opportunity to be the tool to meet these inadequacies. By the assistance of technology and human judgment, people can acquire information with more accuracy, speed and less error. In the case of MGM Foods and Corp., information technology can provide better support for the users to manage and capture information with greater speed and accuracy rather just having the traditional way of tracking transactions on paper that could pile up in a very short period of time. Especially in a manufacturing company, it is advisable to use technology to replace some of the routine processes being done. Production planners can be assisted by providing them with information that is pertinent and useful such as timely raw material status reports. Creation of optimal schedules can be done easier and faster by providing schedule creation modules which will allow users to create and modify schedules as well as allocate raw materials. Also orders and the processes that they undergo can be traced by providing users with links to each process from the point of order creation up to delivery. Furthermore, monitoring the production floor can be facilitated by providing modules that will allow real time updates of line activity. Reports for top management such as schedules, orders and the like can be easily created without having to collate and format information as previously done using excel. All these reasons and more can justify why the use of IT can be a major boon to a manufacturing company such as MGM.

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Production management--Data processing; MGM Food & Commodities Corporation

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