A multiple regression analysis of the relationship between right-wing authoritarianism, socioeconomic status, social dominance orientation, and prejudice against the poor

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RWA, SES, SDO and prejudice against the poor

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology


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Darren E. Dumaop

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Rene M. Nob


The Philippines' current President Duterte's infamous war on drugs is a topic of both controversy and appeal. Criticized as an act that favors the privileged while those stricken by poverty are often caught in the bottleneck, this thesis aims to explore an array of factors that can help account for this extraordinary political event. These factors are right-wing authoritarianism, socioeconomic status, social dominance orientation, and prejudice against the poor. Current literature on the topics suggest that these concepts of social psychology are significant to understanding this present reality, establishing the hypothesis that higher levels of SES, SDO, and RWA entail higher levels of negative perceptions against the poor. To determine if said factors can predict one's prejudice, the researchers take a quantitative approach. To do this, the study involves a multiple regression analysis of data gathered through a demographic questionnaire, SDO7 scale, right-wing authoritarian scale, and negative attitudes towards the poor thermometer scale administered to a sample size of 176 university student participants. The results revealed that out of the three variables, only SES and SDO proved to be significant predictors of prejudice against the poor. Additionally in an interesting pivot of outcome, results of a correlational analysis revealed that those with a high SES exhibit low SDO, while those with low SES scored a higher level of RWA, which shows the ongoing economic disparity and clashing ideals while implying a traditionalist favor towards hierarchy, still present in Philippine society.

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Poor--Philippines--Social conditions; Prejudices--Philippines; Social classes--Philippines; Authoritarianism--Philippines

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