Family structure and types of parental support as factors to self-esteem and achievement of adolescent children

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This study compares the amount of support that adolescent children coming from single and two-parent families receive from their parent/s. it also investigates the relationship of the different dimensions of support- emotional, informational, instrumental and companionship to the adolescent children's self-esteem and achievement. There are a total of 120 participants in this study. All are college students with ages ranging from 16-18. There are 30 male and 30 female participants coming from two-parent families and another 30 male and 30 female participants coming from single-parent families. The data collection for the dependent variables includes the completion of two scales, Parental Support Scale and Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale. Achievement is measured using cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of the participants. The data gathered on the amount of parental support given to children from single and two-parent families is analyzed using t-test for independent samples. The relationship of the different dimensions of support to self-esteem and achievement is analyzed using correlation analysis.

Results showed that children in single-parent families receive as much parental support as children in two-parent families do. For self-esteem of children in two-parent families all support types were significant, with p-level ,.05, while in single parent families, only instrumental and companionship support were significantly related. For achievement, only companionship support in children of single parent families was significantly correlated. The importance of family relationships were used to explain these results.

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Parent and teenagers; Teenagers--Family relationships; Parenting--Psychological aspects; Adolescent psychology; Self-esteem

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