A phenomenological study on Filipino transsexual individuals and their notion of support

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Maria Anna Felize Garilao


Transsexual in the Philippines are given minimal attention. Aside from the existing published works by Brewer (1999, 2001), Alegre (2006), Garcia (2000), and Cannell (1995) which focuses on the anthropological, biological, sociological, and historical aspect of transsexual, little research has been done concerning transsexual individuals in the Philippines. Using interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA), this study sheds light on the lived experiences of Filipino transsexual individuals and the unique process of transitioning that they undergo. The lived experiences discussed in this study include transsexual individuals' experiences of internal struggles, oppression and stigma, and the types of support provided by family, friends, peers, and professionals as they undergo transition. The present study intends to contribute to the existing literature by highlighting the unique transition process transsexual individuals undergo and the types of support they need as they go through this unique process. Two super-ordinate themes are identified: the unique experience of Filipino transsexual individuals and the support that Filipino transsexual individuals received and needed. Findings showed that while transsexual individuals receive support from their peers, family, and friends, they still regarded their support group. PinoyFTM, as their most vital source of support in the transition process. Aside from the support that they received from their social groups, the study identified the support needed by transsexual individuals such as the unified effort of the LGBT community to raise transsexual awareness, the government's effort to strengthen policies regarding transsexual human rights, and the availability of professional from trans-friendly doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists.

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At head of title: Running head: Filipino transsexuals and their notion of support.





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Transsexuals--Philippines; Transgender people-- Philippines; Stigma (Social psychology)-- Philippines; Oppression (Psychology)

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