Characterization of taxi services in Baguio City

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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with Specialization in Transportation Engineering

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Maria Emilia Sevilla

Nicanor, R. Roxas, Jr.


Baguio City, also known as the summer capital of the Philippines, is in the province of Benguet in the Cordillera Administrative region. The city, based on the 2016 Philippine census, has a population of 367,053 and an annual growth rate of 1.54%. The continued population growth and more tourists flocking the city resulted to an inlfux of cars on the road thus ultimately leading to uncontrollable traffic, crowded sidewalks, and excessive pollution. To address these issues, reduction of vehicular volume through implementation of an efficient public transportation system is needed-- mainly focusing in one of these transport systems prevalently used in Baguio City which are the taxis.

Taxi is a form of transport system that provides door-to-door service which other systems in Baguio do not offer. The number of taxis licensed in a city would have a serious effect-- positive or negative, not only on the availability, utilization, and quality of service, but also on the economic viability of the taxi business.

The main objective of this research is to evaluate the kind of service provided by the taxi services in Baguio City. Characterizing the taxi services, identifying passenger characteristics and needs, and identifying trip characteristics will aid in the investigation of the viability of an alternative mode-- UV express service, to improve the current taxi service system. Data were obtained through surveys administered throughout the city and was processed through Microsoft Excel, SPSS, and NLogit. Graphs and tables were produced through Micorosft Excel and a stated preference multinomial logit model was generated through NLogit. The findings in the survey showed that the respondents do not prefer using the UV express service. The model generated provided a utility equaition which offered the researchers with an overview as to the variables which swayed the decision of the respondents.

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Taxicabs--Philippines--Baguio City; Transportation Engineering--Philippines--Baguio City

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