A system study on the coated products division of National Steel Corporation

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National Steel Corporation (NSC) is a steel manufacturing firm in the business of manufacturing flat and long steel products for different companies. It has been serving and providing different steel products for more than 23 years. NSC has been able to distribute their products in both local and international market.

This study will concentrate on the Coated Products Division since it was assigned by the contact person to the group. Within the Coated Products Division, the study will further concentrate on the production and inventory systems.

An analysis of the current system employed by National Steel Corporation in the Coated Products Division was conducted. This resulted into the identification of the problem which was stated as follows:

NSC's Pasig plant's production yield of non-prime tinplates exceeds the standard percentage of rejects by 29% which amounts to 464 metric tons.

The root causes of the problem are the following:

1. Machine breakdowns which contribute 26.57% to the problem.

2. Malfunction of deflector rolls which contributes 24.08% to the problem.

3. Improper removal of TMBP packaging which contributes 15.54% to the problem.

4. Input of overaged TMBP which contributes 1.08% to the problem.

The proponents made use of the methods improvement as an I.E. tool in the generation and evaluation of the alternative solutions. There were two alternatives or choices generated for each root cause to decrease the total production yield of non-prime tinplates.

A comprehensive analysis of the problem was made in this study. It was after he evaluation of the alternative that the proponents was able to propose a detailed solution which includes the following:

1. Frequency of preventive maintenance from twice a month to four times a month.

2. Periodic realignment and relevelling of the deflector rolls.

3. Re-training of the twelve entry section operator.

4. Replacement of the present forecasting method to exponential smoothing technique and then selling of the 1200 metric tons of overaged TMBP.

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System analysis; Steel industry and trade; Production control; Inventory control

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