A system study on the bulk fuel delivery system of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum corporation's pandacan installation

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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineering


Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) has some 40 distribution facilities within the country. One of the major installations in the country is the Pandacan Installation which services product like chemicals, LPG, and bulk fuel. The area of concern being the bulk fuel distribution system concerns methods and facilities related to the physical distribution of this product. The group's line of study will include the point where orders are initiated at the installation, and up to the point when they are delivered.

After collecting data and analyzing these through the use of the SWOT-SURG Analysis method, the group chose to tackle on how the company can seize the opportunity of augmenting the company's present earnings by P 7,271,017 per month. This opportunity was arrived at as the company's present capacity for the white product was below the forecasted demand (using a 4-year base Moving Average method) for the next 5 years (1997-2001) by an average of 29,434 KLs per month. Causes of this problem were found and solutions on how these could be managed were proposed and analyzed.

The proposed system was mainly concentrated in the gantry area since this was where underutilization of the capacity was being experienced. Included as changes in the proposal was the reallocation of the initial checking, changing of the present intercom system, and maintenance of loading pumps.

By these changes, the company is expected to increase its present capacity, thereby reaching the forecasted demand and increasing its profit by an average of P 7,271,017 per month. Aside from being able to improve quantitatively, PSPC would also improve on qualitative aspects such as having improved customer satisfaction and coverage, together with a more efficient and quality-driven system.

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System analysis; Delivery of goods; Petroleum industry and trade; Scheduling (Management); Industrial engineering

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