Look : an instant story: A web series inspired by finsta and rinsta users on Instagram

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Elvin Amerigo Valerio


With the trend of having a 2finsta3 or a 2fake Instagram account, one perception of authenticity is up for debate. A 2real Instagrams or 2insta3 account, includes photos or videos that are visually pleasing and is open to the public. A finsta has photos and videos where feelings and private life are displayed open only to the users selected friend. The primary purpose of this study was to raise awareness on the trend of having multiple social media accounts particularly on Instagram, and how this affects ones being through a web series.

This study explored a non-traditional platform for a web series, Instagram TV, and it effectiveness as a communication channel. The proponents created an Instagram account for the whole series production (@lookatthisthesis). The web series follows Mitch, a twenty-something-year-old college student who discovers that there is more to life than keeping an image of how she wants others to see her. The story was narrated by Mitch and how her experience encouraged her to live a more genuine life.

The storyline was based on the gathered information from various studies as well as the perception of the finsta and rinsta trend. The series was filmed using a smartphone camera and consisted of 10 episodes with 1-3-minute running time. The proponents wished for their audience to reflect on the current state of displaying authenticity online and real life. The story aims to promote a culture of embracing ones authenticity and the proponents would like to contribute to other studies exploring the different uses of Instagram and how it affects its users on how they interact with it.

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Social media--Philippines; Online social networks-- Philippines; Social networks--Philippines

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