Tag-lagas = (The end of forbidding): A short feature on cultural identity and social acceptance

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End of forbidding

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts

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Edward Paciano Cabagnot

Kristoffer Brugada

Mike Lim

Carlo Catu


Set into a future where a supposed treated gene mutation resurfaces back into society. Tag-lagas is a 15 to 20 minute short, sci-fi, fantasy film that centers on the father and son arch duo named Gener and Obet two characters who have experienced the treatment of gene mutation that was implemented by the government in an attempt to aid affected individuals.

With the gene mutation slowly resurfacing and the campaign against the situation intensifies, Gener tries to live normally as he protects his young partner Obet-- who was almost clueless to the events that he, and everyone was experiencing. This then prompts Gener to make a tough decision of whether to allow Obet to continue living a normal life in their home as a cover while everything blows over, or to run away from their home and its problems, braving the consequences ahead.

Tag-lagas aims to shed light on the strong bonds of family and society, placing emphasis on accepting other people's differences in real life. Moreover, it intends to display the violent reality one can go through when they are included in the marginalized spectrum without power, voice, protection. The film follows the theme of social inclusion in a challenging world placed in high amounts of panic and stress due to the resurfacing of mutation. From the glance of the mutation effects towards society, to the intimate look of the father and son, the film depicts their decisions to whatever trials they have to go through in order to survive.

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Short films--Philippines; Short films--Production and direction; Fathers and sons in motion pictures; Parent and child in motion pictures

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