Hindi ibang-tao ang ibang-tao in the relationship of norm violations to guilt and shame

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Ibang-tao and hindi ibang-tao

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology

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Darren E. Dumaop


This study focuses on determining the influence of the extensions of the self- identity which are the hindi ibang-tao and ibang-tao to the relationship of committing norm violations in the form of social or moral violations and the emotions that will be elicited using a moderation model for its conceptual framework. Related literature provided that when the self-extension hindi ibang-tao is involved, an offender may feel guilt as they commit a moral violation, and would feel more shame as they would commit a social violation towards ibang-tao.

Undergraduate students (N=102) from different universities, ages ranging from 18 to 21, served as participants of the study, as they answered questionnaires that included an informed consent form, stories of norm violations involving hindi ibang-tao and ibang-tao self-extensions, and the state shame and guilt scale (Marshall, D. E., Sanftner, J. L., & Tangney, J.P. (1994). Debriefing about the study was also provided afterwards. Using statistical analyses of Pearson's correlation and ANOVA, guilt is more evident regardless of the norm violations committed, as seen in the results involving the ibang-tao, while the hindi ibang-tao influenced emotions of both guilt and shame in the social violation and more shame in the moral violation. The results may have contradicted the literature, but it did show a trend concluding that social violations do not trigger emotionally in comparison to moral violations whereas shame and guilt as self-conscious emotions are felt when both hindi ibang-tao and ibang-tao are involved in the Filipino context wherein an idea of the shared self-identity is present.

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Self-perception--Philippines; Self-evaluation-- Philippines; Social norms--Philippines; Ethical problems--Philippines; Guilt--Philippines

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