Development and deployment of a medication vending machine in rural areas using raspherry Pi 3

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

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Computer Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Electronics and Communications Engineering

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Mark Lorenze D. Torregoza

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Alexander C. Abad
Cesar A. Llore


The group delved into the idea of developing and deploying a medication vending machine that will be placed in rural areas where basic medication is hard to access. The medication vending machine would be able to dispense over the counter medicine (OTC) with contents that caters to the needs of the people in the area of deployment. The aim is to help people from rural areas have better access to OTC medicine with the use of vending machines. The medication vending machine will allow the people from the rural areas an easier access to medication without spending much on travelling or exerting effort in doing so. The medication vending machine would also provide a lower rate of human intervention since the machine will handle all the processing. The group aims to make over the counter medication more accessible in places that receive poor medical attention due to living circumstances. This may be an important step towards providing basic medication for our nations people.

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Rural conditions; Medical care; Vending machines; Pharmaceutical services

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