#Dogoodtoday: Become a good neighbor: An online and offline volunteer recruitment campaign for Good Neighbors International, Philippines

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Organizational Communication


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Carlo Magno P. Figueroa

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Cheryll Ruth Soriano


Good Neighbors International Philippines (GNIP) is a non-government and non-profit organization that advocates for the welfare and rights of Filipino children. GNIP focuses on wholly improving the lives the lives of Filipino children through the organization's several community development or sectoral programs, which are advocacy, disaster management, health, water and sanitation (WASH), education and child protection, child sponsorship, income generation, and partnerships and network building. GNIP recruits volunteers who assist the organization in the implementation of their projects and activities for all of the organization's community development or sectoral programs. The lack of volunteers hinders the organization from fully implementing their projects, thus hindering them from fulfilling the organization's goal.

Based on the communication audit results, the current volunteer communication practices of the organization were deemed ineffective as the organization's current strategy fails to reach their target audience. The survey results confirm that university students, the organization's target audience are not reached as they are not aware of the organization and the volunteer opportunities it provides. It is also ineffective as the current communication message and materials of the organization fail to persuade and convey that the organization need volunteers. Thus, the group proposed to produced a volunteer recruitment campaign along with a set of volunteer recruitment materials which include both online and offline strategies to effectively reach the organization's target audience and persuade them to sign up and become a volunteer for the organization. The volunteer recruitment materials will include the following revamped publicity materials-- e-posters designed with illustrations and description of all available volunteer opportunities and testimonials of past volunteers or beneficiaries with photos, and improved layout and content for the volunteer page for the organization's website a brochure specifically for volunteer recruitment purposes of the organization will be made, flyer with all of the volunteer roles of the organization, and the design/setup of the volunteer recruitment booth.

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Volunteer workers in community development--Philippines; Voluntarism--Philippines; Good Neighbors International Philippines (GNIP)

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