Nanay Marineng: A documentary on the last mananabtan and oldest sinulog vendor

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Nanay Marineng tells the story of the oldest sinulog vendor who is also the last mananabtan dwelling at the Magellan's Cross in Cebu. Mariana Lara-Pascual, or better known as Nanay Marineng , is an 82 year old lady who has devoted most of her life in service to the patron saint of Sto. Niño.

A mananabtan, coming from the Cebuano word sabat , which means to repeat after is the one who leads the prayer or novena. A mananabtan is one who is also asked to pray for specific occasions such as taking major exams, travelling, for good health and a prosperous life. A sinulog vendor, on the other hand, coming from the Cebuano adverb sulog which means like water current movement , is one who performs the sinulog dance (forward backward movement) when lighting a candle for customer. These candles represents the prayers of the people which are then offered to Sto. Niño. This film also delves on how Cebu, being the cradle of Christianity in the country, continues to uphold traditional religious beliefs and practices such as these.

This film is done mainly because the group wants to remind the Filipinos of their rich culture. They want them to value it by doing a way to keep it alive. In this day and age, people are becoming too caught up in their own lives that they only think of what will benefit them as an individual in the long run. They refuse to carry on a culture because they don't see a future in it. The proponents want the audience to take a look at how a person such as Nanay Marineng continues to just be there to pray for people in the way that was taught to her by her ancestors. Moreso, we want the viewers to see how she could put other people needs and requests before hers on top of her own challenges.

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Holy Childhood, Devotion to--Philippines--Cebu City; Street vendors--Philippines--Cebu City-- Biography; Fasts and feasts--Catholic Church; Pascual, Mariana Lara; Catholic Church--Prayers and devotions

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