The significance of cultural orientation to the psychological readjustment of overseas Filipino workers

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Culture to the psychological readjustment of OFWs

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology


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Roberto Javier, Jr.

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Monica Renee Policarpio


The study focused on how the change in culture affects the OFW's psychological readjustment back to their country of origin. The study measured the effects of the predictor variables, perceived cultural distance (PCD) and cultural conflict (CC), with the covariates, status in the country, and length of vacation/resettlement, towards the outcome variables depression (DEP), anxiety (ANX), stress (STR), and social relationship (SOC) of the OFW. A total of one hundred and three (n=103) questionnaires were distributed to the respondents who were currently on vacation in the Philippines or have permanently resettled: 69 out of 103 OFWs who were staying in the country for good (33.01%). The study conducted multiple regression analyses, in examining the relationship of the respective variables. The study was unable to support that perceived cultural distance and cultural conflict have a significant relationship towards stress, anxiety, and depression. However, the study was able to demonstrate that as perceived cultural distance increases, the quality of social relationships of OFWs with their peer and relatives back home increases as well. Additionally, cultural conflict does not affect the quality of social relationships. Findings suggest that there is insufficient evidence to prove that cultural conflict affects the social relationship of the OFW.

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Filipinos--Employment--Foreign countries; Socialism and culture

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