CVFS2.0: A fast version of the centralized virtual file server

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Gregory G. Cu

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Centralized Virtual File Server (CVFS) is a system developed by students of De La salle University that is capable of presenting a cluster of file servers as a single centralized storage. The system utilizes the use of SMB protocol and iSCSI protocol to communicate with clients and servers. Although the CVFS system was able to simplify the way of data accessing and management in a clustered storage network, it is implemented without focusing on file transfer speed and performance which is an integral part of storage systems. Centralized Virtual File Server 2.0 (CVFS2.0) is an improvement of the CVFS aimed specifically in file transfer performance. This is achieved by improving the design of the existing modules and adding additional features to contribute to the improvement of the system performance. These are made possible by creating a caching feature for files so that future requests for cached files can be served faster. Moreover, performance is also improved by adding embedded databases as a faster way of searching the metadata for the needed files. All of these leads to the improvement of the performance of the systems with respect to file transfer. The results of the tests conducted in the study suggests that the changes in the design contribute to CVFS2.0 being approximately 1.20 times faster than CVFS in terms of file transfer. Caching of striped files also show a significant decrease in file read times.

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