A 20-minute short feature film on consequences and realities of male domestic violence within the Philippine context

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts


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Mikee Inton

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Gerardo A. Mariano


The purpose of this study is to examine the different aspects of domestic violence against men and to find ways to break the cycle. This is because domestic violence affects both men and women, but men are less frequent to report cases of abuse. Numerous scholars argue that domestic violence has turned into a gender issue since men refuse to seek medical help despite having severe physical injuries, or having it already affect their mental health (Cheung et al. 448 Hines and Douglas 574). Domestic violence affects men in any relationship and could experience abuse in different forms (Adebayo 14 Rodriguez et al. 299), and yet, the Philippine context, little evidence or studies are found or conducted regarding male victims experiences. Cases that are found only state that incidents are underreported, and that men choose not to push it to legal matters. With this, the proponents aimed to show the phenomenon of domestic violence by showing men who are fighting against social detachment, victim denial, and the testing of familial bonds through a 20-minute short feature film. In the film, the character shows insecurity and difficulty in having the courage to see the people closest to him. The character finds conflict within himself and his partner because of her co-dependency problem, but in the end, the main character decides to leave and return to his parents, encouraging the idea that male victims can find strength to break the abuse cycle themselves.

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Feature films; Family violence--Philippines

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