An integrated purchasing, production, inventory and sales management information system for store display and concepts, inc.

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


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Computer Science

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Marivic S. Tangkeko
Oliver A. Malabanan
Ethel Chua Joy Ong


This paper aims to spell out the different problems and difficulties encountered by Store and Display Concepts Inc. and the proposed IT solution that will cater to the problems. The group used interviews, company visits, research and discussion as the core methodology for understanding the business processes of the company after which a thesis plan is used as a means of communicating how the group understands the problems of the company, the proposed solution and methodology to solve the problems.

Store and Display Concepts, Inc. is a manufacturing company that creates services to its client through fixture design and customization. It services about 20-30 projects a month. Most if not all of the company's projects are deadline sensitive. That is why, the company's major problem is the overall delay in its processes specifically in sales, purchasing, inventory and production. With this, the group proposed an Integrated purchasing, Production, Inventory, Sales Management Information Systems as a means to solve the underlying complexity and various sub problems encountered by the company in doing its business. The system will be using a central database as a means of storing and exchanging files related to the company. With the system, the exchange of information around the company will be faster and more accessible. More importantly, managers will be able to have easier access to reports, queries and alerts that can aid them in better decision making. The proposed system will be implemented using evolutionary prototyping methodology whose approach is to develop the system incrementally with mixed modifications based on users' requirements.

However, implementing such system will not be made successful without the cooperation of all parties, the managers, users and the proponents. The proponents should have an in-depth understanding of the management issues while managers should understand the changes needed in the organization once the information system is adopted. Most importantly, the challenge of adopting an MIS to the organization will dwell on maximizing the use of information system without sacrificing the user's motivation towards work.

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