Ang kapwa sa bahay: Understanding the development of the Filipino amo-kasambahay relationship

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Kapwa sa bahay

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Maria Guadalupe C. Salanga


The amo-kasambahay relationship is a common yet often overlooked part of the Philippine culture. Through the lens of Sikolohiyang Pilipino, one will be able to see how this dynamic is as compared to other employer-employee relationship around the worked because of its distinct development from a contractual and professional relationship to one that is deeper and possibly familial. The purpose of this study was to find the levels of interaction and the underlying values exhibited in the amo-kasambahay relationship. These values were then further investigated in order to examine how these are intertwined in levels of pakikipagkapwa. Five (5) pairs of Filipino amos and kasambahays from Metro Manila were chosen as participants. Pakikipagkwentuhan was used as the primary method for data gathering and thematic analysis was used for data analysis. Results showed that kasambahays interact in specific levels of paninimbang, malayang pagsasalitan, magaang pagsasama, pakikisangkot, and pakikiisa while they value katapatan, kalayaan, and utang na loob. On the other hand, amos interact in the levels of pangunahing pakikitungo, pakikipagpalagayang-loob, pagbibigyan, and pakikiisa while they value respeto, malasakit, and katarungan. All of the levels of interaction and values greatly contribute to the formation of the familial amo-kasambahay relationship, often becoming indicators of a strong bond that allows the two parties to go beyond the initially formed contractual relationship.

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Housekeepers--Philippines; Household employees--Philippines; Management--Employee participation--Philippines; Employees--Philippines; Filipinos

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