Factors affecting volunteer intention among PSPC and SM employees

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Applied Corporate Management

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Ms. Shieradel


Employee participation plays an important role in the success of corporate social responsibility programs, but very few studies have been conducted on what drives employee participation in volunteer programs. As such, this study focuses on employees' motivations in volunteering to determine what would enhance participation. Clary and Snyder's (1992) functional motivation theory was used in determining the six kinds of volunteer motivation, and the study was conducted on Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation and SM Investments Corporation employees. The respondents were divided by gender, age group and volunteer experience to see whether these factors would significantly affect motivation only volunteer experience emerged as significant in the findings. Understanding motive was also consistently significant across all groups, which means employees are more inspired to volunteer when they can learn something new. Another interesting finding is how females are a lot more motivated by the social motive than males are, so females are more likely to volunteer when they are with friends. The six functional motivations had great influence on the employees' intention to volunteer, and those with and without prior volunteer experience has significantly different levels of motivation thus, the researchers propose that future studies delve deeper into the prior experience variable.

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Employee motivation; Voluntarism

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