Mad Cow Burgers

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Business Description: Mad Cow Burgers, a concessionaire type of business, is a food-based product and service providing enterprise that engages in marketing quality, extraordinary yet affordable meals and snacks as well as aiming to send a message and an experience with every purchase made by the customer base. Opening a gateway of extraordinary experiences in gastronomic form especially made available for everyone but still preserving the feel and experience of exclusivity. Mad Cow Burgers is also a place to get your daily meals and give you the drive to move on all throughout the day with a full tummy and a smile on your face. This is food that is fast yet at its best with full attention to taste and experience. We cater to different kinds of events to add extra enjoyment.

Products: Mad Cow Burgers products include a good set of burgers and dairy-based snacks that are designed to go together to make a good meal, but can also stand as snacks individually. The product choices are not made too wide, as to provide good concentration to be excellently made and quickly prepared few. This allows a gourmet feel to the product despite of its very affordable price and easy accessibility. Mad Cow Burgers products are specially designed to be made fast, without sacrificing the taste and experience of eating a good meal those fast-food establishments may compromise.

Market: Mad Cow Burgers aims to set and send a message that good food, good times, and good experiences can be for everybody. The venture is to concentrate on the middle range of customers down to its lower middle class range but still maintaining consistent regard for upper classes as well as offering very affordable snacks for a lower range of customers. The business venture sets to establish multiple branches around commercial areas as well as prominent establishments in order to increase accessibility and brand identity. This will of course increase the brand names exposure, as well as increasing the chance for disseminating its plans for more revenues.

Business Channels: Mad Cow Burgers will be acquiring all of its needs via minimized commercial means in terms of supplies. This include tie ups and continued deliveries from other firms that would allow a steady flow of supplies as well as minimizing costs purchasing from completely commercial firms. Mad Cow Burgers will prepare and serve its products 1st hand and ensure that customers get them fresh and well made since the firm itself handles the preparations. This process lessens the amount of work or services that would be acquired from outside firms and channels that would very well add up to added expenses.

Marketing Strategy: Mad Cow Burgers' marketing strategy is to emphasize the identity and experience of already existing gourmet burgers and their great effectiveness for satisfying appetites as well as their exclusivity that would always mean that consumers would always be wanting to eat one, and exploit and utilize this already present phenomena but making it even more affordable and easy to access by a great range of customers. This is to allow an essence of consumers purchasing a product that is already sought after at a present price, but now being sold at a drastically lower price range.

This would also allow more and more people to experience gourmet burgers and their usual gastronomic effect that may very well set a standard and a craze even for the consumers based on lower ranges. Mad Cow Burgers sells premium products that command respect and awe for the taste and mass wanting consumer, yet we are offering this experience at a very low price range so that more and more people may be able to share the experience set about by the good firm.

Mad Cow Burgers prefer events that have great population with different kinds of peoples to give the business a strong brand exposure and to spread the name to other nearby places, also this kinds of events that Mad Cow Burgers cater are events that are made by established business to give the business an influence to others.

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