Detection of intestinal helminths in domestic cats (Felis catus) in De La Salle University

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Bachelor of Science in Biology

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Mary Jane C. Flores


Zoonotic intestinal helminths are commonly found in tropical countries such as the Philippines which poses a public health risk to humans. De La Salle University (DLSU) is one of the universities in the country that harbors cats in the campus. Animals such as cats may serve as an intermediate host for zoonotic parasites which may be transmitted to humans. The study aimed to determine the prevalence and mean intensity as well as identify the intestinal helminths infecting the cats in DLSU using the Formalin Ether Concentration Technique (FECT). Out of the 30 cats examined, 80% (24/30) had intestinal helminth infections with Ascaris (57%) as the most prevalent, followed by Toxocara (53%), hookworm (27%), and Strongyloides (10%) as the least prevalent. Moreover, 27% of the cats had single infections, while 53% of them had co-infections. The co-infections found were: Toxocara + Ascaris Ascaris + Toxocara + Strongyloides Ascaris + hookworms Toxocara + Strongyloides Toxocara + hookworms Toxocara + Ascaris + Strongyloides + hookworms and Toxocara + Ascaris + hookworms. This poses a problem since helminth eggs found in soil and water develop into infective stages that can directly or indirectly be transmitted to humans. It is therefore recommended for cats to have mass deworming twice a year, to be vaccinated against the parasites, and to have regular veterinary checkups. Moreover, promoting better sanitation for improved hygiene, as well as disseminating the health risks of the cats is important to address public health concerns.

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De La Salle University (Manila, Philippines); Pets-- Philippines (Manila); Cats--Philippines (Manila); Helminths

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