Assessing the effects of firm profitability, firm characteristics and ownership structure towards environmental information disclosures: Evidence from publicly listed corporations from the industrial sector of the Philippines

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This study aims to to determine the effects of firm profitability, firm characteristics, and ownership structure towards environment information disclosures of publicly listed corporations form the industrial sector of the Philippines over a 3-year period, 2012-2014. Wherein, firm profitability is measured using of return on assets, return on equity and earnings per share. Firm characteristics is measured in terms of leverage, firm size, firm age, market capitalization, sales volume and total assets while ownership structure is measured in terms of ownership concentration.

65 industrial companies listed in the Philippines Stock Exchange were initially determined by the researchers to be the population of this study. However, the unavailability of information on some companies and some years lead the researchers to use the only 111 observations as the data of this research.

The researchers have concluded that return on equity, earnings per share, leverage and firm size do have an effect on the extent environment disclosures of publicly listed industrial companies in the Philippines. Precisely speaking, ROE, leverage, and total assets positively affect the level of environmental disclosure of publicity listed companies while earnings per share has a negative relationship with the level of environmental disclosures of the companies. Meanwhile, ROA, market capitalization, sales volume, firm age and ownership structure do not significantly affect the level of environmental disclosures of the said companies.

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