Network appliance programming framework: NAPWORK

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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Arlyn Ong

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Geanne Ross L. Franco
Katrina Ysabel C. Solomon


Network appliance have been prominent these days. From households to companies and universities, network appliances have been widely used. Network appliances allow users to access the Internet and do certain activities. Moreover, it is used for eased remote management. With this said, many developers continue to implement different network appliances. Thus, they tend to implement common functions of network appliances repeatedly. Furthermore, instead of focusing more on the main objectives of the network appliance, these developers tend to waste most of their time implementing functions that are common in most network appliances. Moreover, users of these libraries must still study the other APIs used for them to fully understand their functions. In order to address these problems, the researchers developed an extensible framework that standardized the abstraction of commonly implemented functions of network appliances. In addition, the extensible framework acts a guide and building block for developers in implementing their network appliance. Tests show that the framework is able to standardize the commonly implemented functionalities of network appliances. The framework has made it easier for the developers to create their own network appliance. Furthermore, through the help of the Javadocs and guidelines provided, the framework is easier to learn and understand.

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Computer networks; Computer networks -- Remote access

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