Climate impact analysis in terms of changes in surface atmospheric temperature from CO2 and CH4 reduction scenarios in the land transportation sector in the Philippines using LEAP-IBC calculations

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Physics Minor in Finance

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Dr. Ofelia T. Rempillo
Dr. Edgar A. Vallar

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Gian Paolo Bernardo

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Liz C. Silva
Gwen B. Castillon


Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane absorb heat and radiate the heat back to the planet's atmosphere. For the past years, this property of greenhouse gases which gives rise to what was called the greenhouse effect has caused the continuously rising furnace temperature of Earth. This research aims to quantify the climate impacts of the introduction and market penetration of alternative fuel vehicles namely the LPG-and CNG-fueled vehicles by comparing the carbon dioxide and methane Emissions in different scenarios with the business-as-usual scenario given the fleet characteristics of on-road gasoline and diesel vehicles in the Philippines, not including the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao.

In this research, fifteen percent of the forecasted gasoline or diesel vehicle sales were converted into alternative fuel vehicle sales by the year 2040. The researchers used the transport analysis from the software LEAP for calculating Emissions and the change in temperature. Results from the software were also double-checked with manual calculations in Excel using the same equations presented in the information section of LEAP.

The researchers made analyses on the scenarios per vehicle type, the performance of each vehicle type per region, and the effects of each alternative fuel in each region. Comparisons of the results from LEAP and Excel were also done. Researchers had found out that looking at it on a national scale Using the optimum scenario, CNG was a better alternative fuel than LPG.

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Climatic changes -- Philippines; Greenhouse gases -- Philippines; Global warming -- Philippines

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