Bantayog ng mga Bayani Foundation: A culture and arts communication event

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Organizational Communication

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Organizational Communication


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Carlo M. Figueroa

Cheryll Ruth Soriano

Michael Charleston B. Chua

Jan Michael Alexandre C. Bernadas

Arfie Koc


For many years, Bantayog ng Mga Bayani Foundation has made efforts in contributing to the country's awareness and knowledge of the lives and sacrifices made by martyrs of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos' Martial Law. The researchers, after conducting a series of communication audits, conducted this thesis in a form of a communication event, in order to address BBF's difficultlies with communicating to a younger target audience, after years of using communication materials that no longer appeal to said audience. The event featured theme-relevant performances like live art, music, dance, and spoken word poetry.

The messages intended to be delivered to the target audiences are (1) Never Again (2) Protecting the country's Democracy and (3) Honoring the lives of the Martial Law martyrs. The audits conducted were based on Peattie and Peattie's Marketing Mix, where traditional marketing elements are translated into the context of social change. The event, on the other hand, was created based on Goldblatt's Model of Global Event Management, where the event's main messages were incorporated with every element of the event, from research and design, to planning, coordination, and evaluation. The two events were held in De La salle University-Manila, and Ateneo de Manila University, both schools where BFF struggles most in reaching out to and communicating with. The thesis resulted in achieving positive feedback from the students in attendance, given that most responses claimed that they understood the proposition the event tried to deliver, and that most were moved by the stories shared and by the artists performing in the event. These were measured by evaluation forms distributed after the event had finished.

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Benefit performances--Philippines; Performing arts --Philippines

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