A marketing plan for 360 fitness club

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


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Raymond Allan G. Vergara


360 Fitness Club is a gym that offers a 30-minute circuit training workout and group exercise classes. They offer a fun alternative to traditional forms of exercises. Their first branch opened in June 2010 at Ortigas, which has since expanded to Makati, Timog and The Fort.

In line with their expansion plans they will open a branch in Alabang in July 2014, the first 360 Fitness Club branch in the south of Metro Manila. This marketing plan will focus on the upcoming 360 Fitness Club Alabang branch. The proposed marketing campaign will start on May 1, 2014, two months prior to their opening.

The group conducted a UAI study within the Alabang area the results indicated that 360 Fitness Club has low awareness in the Alabang area. As such, the goals and objective of this marketing plan is to increase awareness, trial and enrollment rate amongst the proposed 360 Fitness Club target market within the Alabang area through our proposed marketing mix strategies and programs.

The total monetary value required for the implementation of all the marketing mix strategies and programs is P267,880.

The estimates of profitability was done in a way to determine the growth of 360 Fitness Club Alabang branch annually in line with the marketing mix strategies and programs proposed by the group.

An evaluation of results through the use of quantitative and qualitative research will be conducted annually to monitor if goals and objectives were achieved.

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