The relationship, role and effects of hope, optimism and goal-setting on the accountancy students' academic performance among top performing schools in Metro Manila

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Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

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Academic success in the field of accounting expands on the idea of doing well within the academic halls to also include successfully adapting to life's challenges, experiencing positive emotions, and an overall increase of life satisfaction (Robinson, C. & Snipes, K., 2009). It is, therefore, essential for students to be conversant of the changes in academic standards and to be equipped in assessing different situations related to their chosen field or course.

This thesis provides a study on the relationships, roles, and effects of hope, optimism, and goal-setting on the accountancy students' academic performance among top performing schools in Metro Manila relative to achieving academic success. The causes for academic success of accountancy students were a high interest among the research team members because the latter share a personal stake on the topic. The members' common goals are to graduate by passing all accounting and non-accounting subjects and to eventually become certified public accountants in the future.

In the initial phase of the research, which was gathering of data, the research team obtained several international and local articles and studies that provided their respective explanations, recommendations, and conclusions on the significant influence of hope, optimism, and goal-setting to the students' academic success. The objective of the research is to provide an empirical study through the investigation of the roles, relationships and effects of hope, optimism, and goal-setting as applied to accounting students in their path toward achieving academic success.

A survey has been conducted with regard to the study from the population of accountancy students of the four (4) selected top performing schools in Metro Manila, Philippines. The data gathered had been analyzed using statistical techniques such as Kruskal-Wallis Test, Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient and Multiple Linear Regression to determine if the factors listed in the study do have a significant influence on the accountancy students' academic performance in order to achievement of students' academic success.

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