Department order 18-A: Its misinterpretation and agitation: The validity of contractualization of all forms of work

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Bachelor of Science in Legal Management

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Labor and Employment Law


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Commercial Law

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Edward P. Chico

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Edward P. Chico

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Voltaire B. Salud
Rex Enrico V. Cruz


The study of the DO18-A of the Department of Labor is to cater to the needs of the working class. As the working class being the majority of the populace here in our country. It is a necessity to further protect them from any circumvention of law that may arise from outsourcing the said class. The trilateral relationship that governs the contractualization will be studied as well as the roles that the principal, independent contractor and laborer.

As the researchers will expound on the validity of all forms of work that can be oursourced by various business enterprises and the effects of which on the labor class as well as the community itself. Scrutinizing the laws that governs the employment of the labor class would be used to further understand which forms of work can be outsourced under said department order of the Department of Labor. Using the decisions from various jurisprudence, the contractualization of the necessity and desirability of the employee will be comprehensively and thoroughly considered in the validity of employing the laborers under DO18-A.

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Contract system (Labor)--Philippines; Contracting out -- Philippines; Subcontracting--Philippines; Labor laws and legislation--Philippines

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