Kapatiran o kinabukasan?: A study on the legality of De La Salle University's imposition of the non-fraternity contract

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Bachelor of Science in Legal Management

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Civil Rights and Discrimination | Education Law


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Commercial Law

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Larry P. Ignacio

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Antonio A. Ligon

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Emily S. Salcedo
Arvin A. Jo


For many years now, De La Salle University, through its exercise of the institution's constitutional right of academic freedom has been imposing a non-fraternity contract (NFC) to its student as a requirement for admission. The NFC prohibits the students from being a member of any organizations not duly recognized by the university. The university, as provided in the student's handbook imposes punishments and offenses to the students who will commit acts that is in violation of what is stated in NFC. This policy has been implemented not only for the benefit of the university but most importantly to protect the lives of the students and to ensure that they will be in healthy and safe environment.

This research study mainly revolves around the legality of the imposition of the NFC and the possible conflicts it might have brought. The researchers looked into the constitutional provisions pertaining to one's right to liberty and association as well as the right of the youth to be involved in public and civic affairs. Moreover, the researchers also studied the conflict that arises between the university's academic freedom and the student's right to education as granted by the constitution.

Through this study, the researchers have contributed insight and clarity on the perceived conflict between the implementation of the said contract and the stated constitutional rights above. In addition, this study has contributed recommendations that can further improve the imposition of De La Salle University's non-fraternity contract without having to violate any constitutional right.

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Greek letter societies--Philippines; Freedom of association--Philippines

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