Incentives for women representation in political parties equality or inequality?

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The fight for gender equality has been a long existing issue since the early existence of humans. Women, in the past, were always regarded with inferiority as compared to men and because of this, they enjoyed lesser privileges in life. However, through the progressing of time, women have started to share the same privileges that they did not use to enjoy back in the day.

One of these privileges is the right to political life. In modern times, almost every woman is allowed her right to political life, which is to vote and be voted for an elected position. In the Philippines, this right has existed since 1937. However, despite this right granted to women for almost about a century now, there is still a large gap in the number of women in elected positions as compared to that of the number of men. Due to this discrepancy in the numbers, a bill was filed into congress pushing for the creation of a women monetary fund which hopes to distribute incentives to political parties who would comply with they proposed gender quota. This then would beg the question of whether or not gender equality has been served in the political sphere of this country, or should more be done?

This thesis seeks to study the consistency of the proposed house bill with that of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land. This thesis also seeks to discuss equality, its types, and which kind of equality the Constitution protects through its different provisions which provides for equality between men and women.

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Sex role--Political aspects; Women--Political activity--Philippines; Women politicians--Philippines

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