One of us(?): A study on the legality of the Bureau of Immigration's act of deporting Kim Meunier for participating in an anti-SONA rally

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Legal Management

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Human Rights Law | Immigration Law | National Security Law


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Commercial Law

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Jayson O. S. Ramos

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Antonio A. Ligon

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Reynaldo G. Ros
Augusto R. Bundang


As long as there is law, there are human rights that will always come into play when dealing with persons. These human rights possess the core limitations of what a person can do and what a person cannot do. As the saying goes, your rights ends where the rights of others begin Article III of the 1987 Constitution enumerates the very basic human rights that no one can impede or violate for these human rights are the foundations of a state entrenched in a democratic society.

However, certain instances in our law do not take into perspectives all the rights enumerated. Foreigners are people who are given the privilege to enter the Philippines for specific purposes. And as such, they are under strict jurisdiction of the government. The government can choose to revoke such privilege as it may deem necessary to protect sovereignty.

This study aims to strike a balance between human rights of the foreigners while maintaining the sanctity of state sovereignty. It aims to provide a theory and framework on how to distinguish what is a valid exercise of expression and what is a valid exercise of the government's prerogative to deport aliens which it may deem a threat to national security and interest.

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Kim Chatillon Meunier--Political activity--Philippines; Aliens—Political activity--Philippines; Deportation--Philippines; Emigration and immigration law--Philippines

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