SIM cards to register or not to register? That is the question!

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Legal Management


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Commercial Law

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Jayson O'S. Ramos

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Antonio A. Ligon

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Larry P. Ignacio
Augusto R. Bundang


Privacy has always been a very sensitive topic. What has been acceptable before cannot be said now. What makes this topic different is its ever-changing nature. This makes defining privacy difficult. This thesis attempts to clarify the definition and compare if it is in line with the provisions of House Bill 5231 Mandatory SIM card Registration. Mandatory SIM card registration is seen as the next step in securing the nation against attacks made from the cybersphere. Since the 21st century is a digital book which can easily be accessed by anyone. Wanting to protect this digital book would be a very logical choice, hence the need for such a bill. This thesis attempts to understand the bill at its very basic definition so that the readers are enlightened to the true meanings of its provisions and whether or not these provisions are capable of encroaching themselves into the rights of the people. The thesis will achieve this with the use of a battery of legal tests and research done into the related literature of the topic to establish a connection to the rights of the people and whether or not their rights are compromised.

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Privacy, Right of--Philippines; Cell phones--Law and legislation-- Philippines

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