Ship-shipan tayo!: Determining whether Senate Bill no. 1359, in the event of its enactment, is constitutional

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Bachelor of Science in Legal Management

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Law of the Sea


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Commercial Law

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Erickson H. Balmes

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Edward P. Chico

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Gerard M. Lukban
Rex Enrico V. Cruz, III


This research paper focuses on the constitutionality of Senate Bill No. 1359, entitled An Act Allowing Foreign Vessels to engage in Coastwise Trade in the Country and for Other Purposes in the event of its enactment as a Philippine law. To begin this paper, the researchers have included a comprehensive discussion of the current cabotage policy in its current state in the Philippines and the advantages and disadvantages that it brings to the national economy and the legal system. The researcher have also discussed in this paper how the cabotage policy is applied in different parts of the world, and how their applications differ from the Philippines. To answer the question of the Senate bill's constitutionality, the researchers have also included in their review of related literature the current status of the cabotage policy in the Philippine market and how it is applied in the economy today. The Senate bill's constitutionality is questioned on the basis of the constitutional provisions on the principles and state policies of the state, and on its national economy and patrimony. These provisions relate to the cabotage policy in the form of determining whether the bill's goal of liberalizing the current policy is in accordance with a national economy effectively controlled by Filipinos, operation of public utilities by Filipinos, and an effectual trade policy for the general welfare of the Filipino people.

The researchers have thoroughly researched on the different aspects that may be an influence to the answer of the Senate bill's constitutionality."

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Cabotage--Philippines; Maritime law--Philippines

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