Assessing the validity of the contract between Manila Goldcoast Development and the City of Manila

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Ordinance No. 8233 was passed by the City Council of Manila in 2011, repealing Ordinance 7777, effectively lifting the ban on reclamation in Manila Bay Land reclamation: the process of filling submerged or underwater areas with dredge fill, land fill and/or other appropriate materials to create usable land. In 2012, Manila Goldcoast Development Corp. entered into a Contractual Consortium Agreement with the City of Manila, through then-Mayor Alfredo Lim, to reclaim a portion of Manila Bay for commercial purposes. The contract involved a 148-hectare entertainment hub, dubbed the "Solar City", which was projected to 10 times the size of Rockwell Power Plant Mall and twice that of the Luneta Park. The said project area covers the southern end of Manila Bay on the City, including portions, fronting the Manila Yacht Club and the Philippine Navy.

The authors intended to assess the contract between the City Council of Manila and Manila Goldcoast Development Corp. whether it is valid or not for there are certain coalitions who are crying foul that the said agreement is in violation of Republic Act 7586 and Republic Act 100066. They are claiming that these laws are protecting the bay and therefore reclamation should not be done. This thesis will discuss the reclamation laws in the Philippines and will conclude whether reclamation is allowed in Manila Bay.

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Reclamation of land—Law and legislation--Philippines; Contracts--Philippines--Manila; Protected areas—Law and legislation--Philippines

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