Transition to creating shared value of small-medium enterprises in Metro Manila

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Bachelor of Science in Applied Corporate Management

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Business Management

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Pia Redempta T. Manalastas

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Martin Gaerlan

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Raymund B. Habaradas


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an initiative implemented by corporations to take responsibility for their social or environmental impact, and to comply with societal rules and regulations. However, CSR is seen to be difficult to sustain. This resulted in the development of Creating Shared Value (CSV), an initiative that creates economic value that complements the social value of an initiative. The research concentrates on delving into the implementation of CSV initiatives by Philippine SMEs to determine if its implementation is a success or failure-on the basis of an enhancement of an element in the competitive context.

A cross-case analysis was used to analyze and compare the three chosen SMEs with regards to the research propositions. The first proposition is that the SMEs incorporate social and economic values within their CSV initiatives. The second proposition is that SMEs with a CSV initiative that enhances at least one of the four elements of competitive context. The findings revealed that all three chosen company participants incorporated social and economic values within their CSV initiatives to successfully sustain the economic benefits while developing a competitive advantage in the market. This supposition was revealed profitability and environmental sustainability. The success of the CSV initiative was perceived to have been the result of the enhancement of the competitive context, which are factor conditions such as the presence of trained workers, technological organizations, and the availability of natural resources. The research further revealed that the success of the CSV initiative was primarily due to the motivation of the company and the society to achieve a sustainable win-win situation.

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Social responsibility of business--Philippines; Small business— Social aspects

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